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Showers & Mold: A Never-Ending Battle

Moldy Tub
Since the beginning of time (or the modernization of showers) people have been fighting mold. Why? Because mold LOVES showers! It provides the perfect conditions to grow – moisture, warmth, and edible nutrients (soap residue). It’s the perfect place for mold to live. The most problematic areas tend to be on the silicone sealant. Its low thermal conductivity means that it is the warmest part of the shower. It also can be lumpy and retain excess moisture on its ridges.

What causes mold and mildew in the shower?

Mold spreads by microscopic spores that travel through the air. These spores land in your damp shower and immediately start growing on the sealant. They reproduce rapidly and you will soon see a visible dark spot growing on top of the sealant. If you catch this early, it is considered a Primary Attack. If you leave it there for an extended amount of time, the mold will secrete a substance that is able to break through silicone caulk and begin reproducing under the surface. This is called a Secondary Attack. Once the mold gets to this stage, the sealant needs to be removed and reapplied. Before you apply a new bead of caulk, the best way to keep mold from growing underneath is to thoroughly clean the area with a fungicidal spray.

How can I keep my shower mold-free and fresh?

Despite the constant struggle, there are many countermeasures you can take to prevent mold in the future.
  1. Clean off any mold or mildew as soon as you see it to prevent the secondary attacks.
  2. Consistently rinse the shower each time you are done using it. If you rinse out any soap bubbles on the walls or curtain, the mold won’t have anything to feed on. A hand shower is a great tool for this. It makes it easy to direct the water right where it needs to go.
  3. The most important step in mold prevention is to remove excess moisture. Bath fan ventilation technology has come a long way in the last decade. The best fans run at a low speed all day long to keep moisture out. When it senses a person in the room it will speed up for a set amount of time. Not only do these fans clear out bathroom moisture, but they also are incredibly quiet, and no longer roar like a jet engine taking off. One flaw of older or basic models of bath fans is that you take a shower in the morning, then leave the house. You don’t want to leave the fan running for 8 hours on full speed, so you turn it off before it gets a chance to do its full job. These new models run constantly and silently, which allows them time to complete their job – reducing moisture, mold spores, and odors. Handy Man carries a wide variety of bath fans to suit your every need – bath fans with night lights, motion sensors, and more. We’re here to walk you through it!

6 Shower Heads For A More Relaxing Experience

Sterling Shower Door Zab64893 Rgbs E1527096318192
Here are a few shower heads that will make your time in the shower the most relaxing 8 minutes of your day! From calming rain heads, luxurious waterfalls, massaging body sprayers, removable hand-held shower heads, and more… Handy Man has got you covered!


Mountain Re-Vive Ultra Thin Rain Head #114131
Bring your shower into the future with this ultra-thin rain shower head. The clean lines can modernize any bathroom!

Aqua brass Aquasheet waterfall rain head #96082
This multi-function shower head includes a rain head and waterfall feature that transports you from your bathroom into the jungle.


Delta Surface Mount Body Sprayer #81885
After a tough workout, body sprayers are a must. They massage away tired and achy muscles to leave you feeling rejuvenated!


2-in-1 Moen Engage Hand Shower with MAGNETIX #108649
Cleaning the shower, washing the dog, and rinsing all those hard-to-reach places has never been easier! With Moen’s Engage hand show with MAGNETIX, your hand shower will always snap back into place after use!


Grohe Relexa Deluxe Champagne Shower Head #88791
This multi-function shower head featuring air-enriched water droplets offers users a spa-like experience every day. Choose from wide champagne, narrow champagne, needle jet spray, and wide rain sprays! Some users say it’s “the best shower head ever made.”


ThermaSol Chromotherapy head
Rejuvenate yourself in a shower enriched with chromotherapy! Each color has a different energetic property. Choose purple light to relax before bed or orange light to energize you before a big meeting.

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