Built for the long haul: making renovations and upgrades last

Multi-family spaces need to be comfortable but durable spaces, handling ongoing resident turnover and high-density living in multiple separate units. They take on a lot of wear and tear by their very nature. That’s why property managers need to make sure that, when it comes time to renovate, the upgrades and repairs made are built for the long haul.

But that doesn’t mean that style has to be sacrificed for the sake of durability. With smart choices comes staying power. Small, affordable renovation projects can help equalize the cost versus value proposition and provide a visually appealing, noticeable upgrade that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Here are just a few ways to integrate a modern, stylish look that will add an instant upgrade while providing the durability that multi-family spaces demand.

  • Using a common valve system like M-PACT® from Moen makes upgrades of widespread and wall mount faucets and showering trim or showerheads as easy as a simple twist and pull of the decorative trim, eliminating the need for any plumbing work. Products like the Via widespread bathroom faucet with M-PACT also have the multi-family industry’s most comprehensive 10-year warranty. Moen products require 35 percent fewer cartridge replacements than competitors, saving time and money — a must in multi-family spaces.
  • Products with Spot Resist Finishes help retain their showroom shine, shedding unsightly watermarks and fingerprints so kitchen and bath faucets and shower fixtures stay cleaner, longer. And when it does come time to clean the kitchen and bath, they’ll look as good as new after a simple wipe down.
  • A fully integrated shower rail can adapt to existing plumbing connections without any behind-the-wall changes. Better, it provides the security of an ADA-approved pull rail and the durability, functionality, style and design flexibility of an added shower arm, handshower or rainshower adaptation.

Small renovation projects and upgrades can still be big on style and performance. Using durable products that deliver the style residents want also provide a greater return on investment for property managers and a bigger boost to your bottom line.