Treat yourself to the best water – for drinking, bathing, and cleaning!

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No matter if you are drinking well water or city water, your body deserves the best water it can get. Handy Man can help you filter out impurities and mineral deposits in your home’s water supply. We carry many water filtration and water softeners to improve the water for your home.

Handy Man can teach you about the multiple different drinking water filtration systems we carry, including Reverse Osmosis (RO). We also carry quality systems that filter out more impurities such as ions and metals like Chlorine and Radon, organic chemicals, and pesticides for a cleaner and safer drinking water.


Visit with one of our showroom experts today! They can teach you how to install your system or connect you to one of our trusted contractors.

Things To Know Before You Shop (Water Softeners)
• Know the approximate hardness of your water. (Look up online if you have city water.)
• Have an idea of how much water you use. (This will help us find the right size for your home.)
• Find space near a floor drain and power outlet.

Things To Know Before You Shop (Drinking Water Filtration)
• You will need a designated faucet for filtered water.
• Are you interested in a hot & cold tap?
• Take photos above and below the sink, including plumbing.

Kitchen Faucets
Remodeling & New Construction

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