6 Reasons We LOVE Custom Onyx Vanity Tops

Showroom Vanities and Custom Onyx Tops

1. Forever Warranty – When your kids bring their jagged pet rock into the bathroom and chip the vanity top, there’s no need to panic! Simply call the Onyx customer service line and they will help you out! If their product ever fails, they will either provide you with a new item or refund the cost.

2. Completely Custom – Have you been struggling to find a vanity top that fits in the space between two walls? Or perhaps you have an L-shaped corner vanity that needs something special. Onyx has you covered! They can make tops of any shape and size to fit your needs.

3. Any Color! – There are over 60 colors to choose from when selecting your vanity top. Also, consider a different colored bowl to make it stand out. The Onyx website has a great color selector to get you started, plus we have samples you can bring home to match your bathroom’s color scheme. 

4. Seamless – By far, our favorite feature of Onyx vanity tops is the seamless design. This makes cleaning a breeze – just wipe it down with a gentle cleaning solution and don’t worry about scrubbing the cracks – there aren’t any!

5. Unique Bowl Styles – Find a style that works for you! Whether you prefer a sharp-edged rectangle, a gradually sloped bowl, an ADA accessible bowl, or something else, there are options for everyone. 

6. Made in the USA – The Onyx Collection is headquartered in Belvue, Kansas, meaning your money stays in the midwest. Their customer service is incredible and easily accessible in the unlikely chance that you have any problems with your vanity top.

It takes a few weeks to order a custom vanity countertop, but if you’re in a rush, we do have some standard sizes in stock that you can take home with you!