Find a wide spectrum of sizes, colors, glass options and details on display at Handy Man!

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Handy Man’s shower enclosures are displayed on actual tub and shower displays, just like in your home.  Come into our store and try out the hinges and rollers for yourself and get a feel for how a new shower enclosure will look and operate in your bathroom. We have a variety of finishes and opening styles in stock and on display. You won’t find a better selection of shower doors to choose from than at Handy Man. At last count, we had over a dozen full-size styles on display!

Frameless shower doors have hit the market like a storm. Their ultra-clean lines add a sophisticated element to any bathroom, consequently making cleaning a breeze! Most frameless doors are manufactured with tempered glass which makes them safer and crack-resistant. Frameless shower doors can be easily added to most existing showers and tub/shower layouts, making them the perfect home improvement project. If you have a tricky space, they can be easily custom-ordered to fit any shape, size, and style of enclosure.

Shower doors have become the focal point and an integral part of the bathroom!  Our staff helps customers select the right options to create perfect bathrooms every day. At Handy Man, we offer options for any budget, from $169 to over $1,000 and everywhere in-between. Handy Man will help you find the right look for your shower enclosure so that you’re happy with your purchase for years to come.

At Handy Man, we supply our customers with quality name brands with excellent track records.  Shower door brands such as Foremost and Onyx have supplied our store with reliable products that we are proud to provide to our customers.  We constantly add new stock with features that we know our customers will want to see, such as Tempered safety glass, premium hinges and rollers, full-length magnetic strikes, cushioned bumpers, and finishes like brushed nickel, matte black, and chrome.

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We are not a “Big-Box” store. When you visit Handy Man, you can usually park in the front row of our parking lot. We know it can be difficult to schedule time to look at a new shower door for your home. Handy Man is open seven days a week and we stay open late on weekdays for your convenience. We have dozens of shower doors in stock and available to take home today. (and at Handy Man, our employees will even load them into your car for you!)  

Things To Know Before You Shop
• Measure the width of your shower in multiple places. (In case the walls are not straight, measure at the top, bottom, and middle. If the walls are less than 44″ apart, you will need a hinged door because sliding doors will not leave enough room for easy entry.)
• Measure the height of the shower from the threshold to the top of the shower walls. (Measure to the top of the shower kit or ceiling, but do not measure drywall.)
• Consider the amount of privacy you require and what style of glass you prefer.
• Note where the toilet and vanity are so you know how much room is available for opening doors.

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