4 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

You may have limited space in your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it appear more spacious. We have tips to trick the eyes and make your bathroom feel a little bigger and even more inviting.

1. Brighten up the room.

Vanity Bar Light

Light paint colors can make a world of difference in small spaces. Trulia consulted the expertise of several interior designers and found that many emphasized using light-colored, low-contrast trim and accent paint colors to avoid jarring transitions, which can make corners obvious.

Sunlight and man-made light from your bathroom light bar, wall sconces, or ceiling lamp also have the ability to brighten up a room, making it appear larger. If you don’t get a lot of natural light, be sure to use light-colored paint, light-colored decorations, and bright lighting and bulbs (like LED bulbs) to make up for it.

2. Add smart storage options

Vanity Storage

Excess clutter has the tendency to make a space look cramped. Thankfully, there are many storage options for bathrooms, from large to compact. Depending on your storage needs, consider a new vanity, above-sink medicine cabinet, or an over-the-toilet storage shelf or cabinet. When choosing a vanity, you’ll have to be conscious of the floor space and objects surrounding the sink in the bathroom. Be sure to measure the distance between objects and leave room for cleaning before making your final decision. (Learn more about how to choose a vanity.)

If you decide to go with a medicine cabinet, ensure that it fits before purchasing—especially if you’re getting a recessed one that requires you to cut an opening in the wall. (Learn more about how to choose a medicine cabinet.) If you decide to use an open shelf, use it to store items such as towels that can still look neat in that space. If you need to store many odds-and-ends, use decorative storage bins.

3. Frameless shower door

Frameless Shower Door

When working with limited space, frameless glass shower doors have the ability to extend the depth of your bathroom. If your shower takes up one-third of your bathroom, and you use a shower curtain or non-transparent door, it will significantly decrease your visual space. Before you choose to install a frameless glass shower door, first decide if your shower is something you want to show off or something you want to hide. (Learn more about frameless glass shower doors.)

4. Create more floor space

Floating Vanity

Leaving your floor clear of clutter and chunky objects can make it seem bigger by extending the perceived depth. In small bathrooms, pedestal sinks and simple wall-mounted sinks can give you that much-needed room surrounding the sink area and floor space. If you go this route, ensure your storage needs are still being met.

If you only have a little more room to work with, but still want your bathroom to appear spacious, try a wall-mounted vanity or a vanity with legs. Both options will give you additional room for storage and leave your floor more exposed.

Learn more about your options.

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