The most overlooked item in a bathroom remodel is the exhaust fan. We are here to teach you about the importance of a good fan!

Bathroom exhaust fans are some of the most important pieces of technology for your home. Without them, your bathroom’s humidity level will become too high and cause damage to the walls, woodwork, silicone sealant, vanity, floor, and more!

The biggest problem with older models of exhaust fans is user error. If you leave the room, you turn off the fan, and the humidity level stays high. New technology in exhaust fans includes motion sensors, hygrometers (humidity sensors), and timers, all of which allow you to leave the area with the peace of mind that your bathroom will be nice and dry when you return.

We’re your local experts! The staff at Handy Man will walk you through your bath fan options to ensure you find the right fit for your home and budget. We guarantee to match prices with any local competitor on identical models.

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Bath Fans: Everything You Need To Know

Things To Know Before You Shop
• Do you have an existing exhaust fan?
• How big is your bathroom? Different fans are rated for different sized rooms.
• Are you able to connect a light to your fan?
• What features are you looking for? Consider a humidity sensor or motion-detection model.

Remodeling & New Construction

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