TOILETS: The Throne at Home

Purchasing a new toilet can be a stressful task – Let the experts at Handy Man make it easy for you!

Handy Man’s Toilet Displays
Our toilet displays are the best in the entire region!  To really get a feel for how a toilet will look and operate in your home, you need to be able to experience the size, shape, and seating height for yourself.  Handy Man’s toilets are displayed at floor level, not mounted on a shelf high above your head like at the big-box stores.  We offer round and elongated toilet bowls as well as taller comfort height toilets.  Come into our store and sit on the toilets (with your clothes on!) and decide if the height suits you at floor level.  New customers are amazed by our showroom displays!

Our Customer Service
At Handy Man, we try to greet every customer that comes through the door and ask them if they need any help. We respect your personal space and realize that sometimes you want to just look around on your own.  Our staff are toilet experts and when it comes time for you to make a decision, we will be by your side to make sure it is the right solution for your home. Handy Man’s staff is friendly and smart and they like to help our customers.  If they don’t have the right answer, they do their best to find it! Handy Man sells thousands of toilets every year, we are your local experts.
We Do It All! Construction and Remodeling
We are able to help you with any size project.  Sometimes you only need a small part to solve an issue; we can help with that. Sometimes you need an entire toilet, we can help with that too!  At Handy Man, we offer options for any budget, from $89.99 to over $1,000.00 and everywhere in-between. Handy Man will find the right supplies you need to handle a small fix or any large construction or remodeling project in your home.
You Will Find the Best Value with Us
We purchase our toilets directly from the manufacturer giving you the best product at the best price.  In fact, we guarantee to match any local competitor’s prices on identical products.  We keep our company on the cutting edge of new products, technologies and current trends.  Handy Man stocks a full selection of water-saving eco-friendly toilets. Our toilets meet government regulations and help provide an environmentally sustainable choice for your home.
We Carry Many Brand Names
At Handy Man, we supply our customers with quality name brands with excellent track records.  Toilet brands like, TOTO, Kohler, Mansfield, and St. Thomas, to name a few, have supplied our store with reliable products that we are proud to provide to our customers.  We constantly add new stock that we know our customers will want to see, such as slow-close toilet seats, bidet or washing toilet seats, and even special toilet seats created specifically to assist in potty training your child!
Handy Man Provides the Best Installation Solutions
Our Handy Man staff will gladly help you find the best way for you to complete your installation.  Many of our customers will install the toilet themselves after a few tips from our in-store experts.  For other customers, the best answer is to hire a licensed professional installer from our approved list of plumbers.  Our goal is for you to have a quality toilet that you are happy with and will last for many years.
We put our Customers First
We are not a “Big-Box” store. When you visit Handy Man, you can usually park in the front row of our parking lot. We know it can be difficult to schedule time to look at a new toilet for your home. Handy Man is open seven days a week and we stay open until 9:00 PM on weekdays for your convenience. We have dozens of toilets in stock and available to take home today. (and at Handy Man, our employees will even load them into your car for you!)
Handy Man’s History
Our company was founded by our grandfather in 1946 and we have enjoyed helping customers ever since.  The technology and the products have changed over the years, but in the end it is still people helping people.  Please give us an opportunity to serve you – we will surpass your expectations!


Our Guarantee
Things don’t always go as planned in a remodeling project.  If you are disappointed in how your new toilet is working in your home, please let us know and we will work on finding a solution that satisfies you.  Our goal is to have satisfied customers for life.  Come in today!

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