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To really get a feel for how a toilet will look and operate in your home, you need to be able to experience the size, shape, and seating height for yourself.  Handy Man’s toilets are displayed at floor level, not mounted on a shelf high above your head like at the big-box stores. We offer round and elongated toilet bowls as well as taller comfort-height toilets.  Come into our store and sit on the toilets (with your clothes on!) and decide if the height suits you at floor level. Many of the toilets we carry are tall ADA-height or “comfort-height”, but we also carry extended height tall toilets as well as low, standard height toilets. Both round and elongated toilets are on display.

Handy Man has dozens of different toilet styles in stock and ready for you to take home when you need it. Handy Man is open on weekends, and stays open late on weekdays so we can help you whenever it fits in YOUR schedule. Installing a toilet is generally an easy DIY project! Our experts will get you everything you need including tips and tricks to install it yourself or set you up with someone who can do it for you!

Installation & Repairs:

We carry many repair parts including flappers, replacement fill valves, bolts, wax rings, plungers, and supply lines, as well as separate tanks and bowls if you need to replace one. We carry many different toilet seats as well, whether you prefer plastic or wood seats, slow-close or potty-training styles for either elongated or round bowls. Popular bidet toilet seats are also sold here and installed in our store’s bathrooms! Our knowledgeable showroom staff will make sure you get the tools you need and they’ll even send you on your way with some handy installation tips if you ask!

We have tested many brands over the past 70+ years and have found the BEST to carry in our showroom. From TOTO, Mansfield, and Kohler, we carry the brands that you can trust! Plus, we guarantee to match prices from any local competitor.  If things go wrong during your remodel, let us know! We will do everything we can to help you out. Our goal is to have happy customers… for life!


Things To Know Before You Shop
• What size rough-in do you need? (Distance from wall to closest bolts.)
• What side do you want your flush handle to be?
• Do you have room for an elongated front? (Adds 2-3 inches to bowl length.)
• Do you have an outlet behind the toilet for a washlet seat?
• Of course, don’t forget to pick up supplies like a new wax ring, bolts, bolt caps, and new toilet seat!

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