Modern or classic: what’s your toilet style?

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Whether you’re looking to remodel part of your bathroom or build from scratch, you have options when it comes to choosing a toilet. We want to help you find one to match your home’s look.

Many different features make up a toilet’s style, including the flush handle, the shape and color of the bowl and tank, and even the toilet seat. While it’s easier to observe these details in person, we can help you start thinking about whether you prefer a classic or modern look. Before you come in to Handy Man, here are some considerations to help you determine if you prefer a modern or classic look.


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Contemporary toilets have a lot of straight, clean lines. In addition to looks, modern toilets can include forward thinking features, such as concealed trap ways, touch-less flush, one-piece construction or a removable seat that makes cleaning quick and easy.

In the U.S., two-piece toilets are most common in households, which include a separate tank that bolts to the bowl. However, one-piece toilets can add a more contemporary or unique look to your bathroom—especially since they’re not as common. They’re also easier to clean, as grime has no place to hide between the bowl and tank.

Other style features to look for include the shape of the tank and flush handle. The tank and handle can make a significant difference if you’re going for a modern, sleek look. This toilet’s tank and flush handle has unique curves. Also, another feature makes this toilet more modern—a sanitary bar. This is a lip that prevents grime from collecting under the tank at the back of the bowl, making cleaning a cinch.

Finally, even the base of the bowl can feature clean lines that shout modern. You’ll notice the toilet to the right doesn’t have curves and crevices where the trap is. (The trap is u-shaped pipe near the back below the bowl. It holds water and prevents gas odors from entering your bathroom.) Not only is this sleek, but dirt has nowhere to hide.


If you have an older home with a lot of great character, you’ll want to compliment that vintage style as much as possible—even in your bathroom. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to toilets. Not only do manufacturers mold vintage or antique-style toilets, but they also make flush handles and toilet seats to go along with them. The only difference is these toilets perform like modern ones should— by using less water while maintaining optimal flush performance.

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Today, you can choose from toilets with gadgets to not only add luxury to your bathroom space, but also make life a little bit easier.

If you want additional protection from germs, opt for hands-free flushing. Simply wave your hand over the sensor to flush. Handy Man also carries toilet lids with hygienic features that spray sanitizer into your toilet bowl after every use. Some toilet lids can also sense when you’ve entered the bathroom and open the lid for you or a warming seat. (You may just need to test these features in person at our showroom. They’re that impressive.)

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Maybe, it all comes down to color.

Do you have unique colors in your bathroom? A beige or tan sink or tub? If you’re only replacing the toilet, or you want something other than the traditional white, you have color options, too.


Stop by, and we’ll show you toilets that match your home’s style. We’ll also ensure you’re getting the right size, flushing system, and connection parts so your toilet will function as good as it looks. The best part—if you like what you see, you can take it home the same day as we keep dozens of toilets in stock. Visit one of our showrooms to see our variety of toilet styles today!

Updated July 2017