Caulk-Free, Click-into-Place Showers

Installing a new shower doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, Sterling manufactures showers that are lightweight, durable, and easier to install than many of their competitor’s products. Here’s why Sterling is a preferred option for do-it-yourselfers and contractors, as well as new construction and remodels.

How Sterling Snap-In Showers Work

Installing a sterling shower is just like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together. Only it’s four large pieces—a shower or tub base and three walls. It may even take you less time to put them together than your standard jigsaw puzzle!
Sterling’s tongue-and-groove walls create a seamless look at the base and wall corners. The pieces slide in and lock together (you’ll hear an audible click). Because of the locking design, the walls remain in place without caulk. That’s right. No caulk! So what’s keeping the water out?

Sterling Showers
Drain channels ensure that any moisture won’t cause issues.

Where the pieces connect, you’ll find hidden draining channels at work—ensuring that the water doesn’t cause problems. In fact, these drain channels make Sterling shower seams more resistant to mold and mildew because there is no caulk to peel or stain.

The shower also installs directly to your wall studs. This is much easier than using ceramic tiles for a shower, which requires you to first create a waterproof pan and then add backing to the stud walls.

The shower comes in four separate pieces, which means it’s easy to get through doorways and into small areas. The walls are also lightweight, so you don’t need lumberjack strength to do the job. It’s fast and easy.

When you’re ready to start installing a new shower, come by Handy Man. We’ll give you an installer’s checklist to ensure you have all of the crucial pieces to complete the job. Your unit will also include in-depth instructions.

For a glance at the installation process, you can check out Sterling’s installation video below.

Installation – STERLING Ensemble, Advantage, or Intrigue Showers

Are Sterling showers durable?

With today’s technology, lightweight does not equate to flimsy or delicate. Sterling showers are made of Vikrell plastic. This stuff is tough. It’s also the same material used on those $300 KitchenAid Mixers. The plastic is non-porous, which makes it stain- and scratch-resistant.Sterling Shower Door zab64913_rgbs

It’s also easy to wipe clean and impact resistant. The Vikrell is manufactured with a press—so it’s the same solid material throughout. Many other showers, tubs, and walls are just spray coated with fiberglass. Because Vikrell is not a coating, it won’t chip, crack, or peel.

Behind the walls, you’ll find molded in ribs for structural support. Most of the walls also have ample shelf space to hold shampoo, conditioner, and soap. These shelves add to the structural integrity of the design.

Sterling is so confident in the longevity of their products that they offer a 10-year warranty.

Are Sterling showers customizable?

You’ll have lots of options if you decide to install a Sterling shower. Whether you’re looking for a 48” shower base or a 60” bathtub, we carry every standard base size available at Handy Man. We also have solutions that fit into small spaces. We can work with you on remodeling projects and new installs.

Some homeowners opt for more shelves, or even a shower seat. Sterling has all of these options.

Sterling Shower Door zab71461_rgbs

Take a seat in your new Sterling shower.

See Sterling showers in person.

At Handy Man, we have Sterling models at floor level for you to test out. Plus, our everyday prices on Sterling showers are the best in town. Come see our selection at a location near you.

Remember that you don’t need to complete this project alone. We’ll walk you through it!