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If you are looking for a unique and totally custom shower, you are in the right place. Whether you need a custom shower to fit in an unusual space, or you just want your shower to become a unique luxury retreat, we can make it happen. Our custom Onyx showers are made just for you! Choose from over 60 color options, three base heights, a variety of wall textures, dozens of accessories, and any size or shape you can imagine. Don’t let the total customization scare you – they also manufacture dozens of standard sizes that fit most bathrooms.

Match your Custom Onyx Shower to your Custom Onyx Vanity Top!

One of the many reasons our custom showers stand out is because of the one-piece floor pan. With tile-bottom showers, it can be a hassle to make sure the water goes straight down the drain and doesn’t pool in the corners of the shower. With Onyx’s floor pan, that is never an issue. Tile can also be problematic when the grout chips away or becomes moldy. Custom Onyx grout-free showers make cleaning a breeze so you will always be ready to show it off to friends! Or choose to install Onyx Custom shower walls around an alcove tub as a bathtub surround, or convert it to a tub/shower combo! The options are endless.

The Handy Man staff will gladly provide you with installation solutions so you can complete your installation.  Although some of our customers will install their new shower themselves, for other customers, the best answer is to hire a licensed professional installer from our approved list of installers and contractors.  Our goal is for you to have a quality shower system that looks great and functions perfectly.  One that will last for many years to come.

We are not a “Big-Box” store. When you visit Handy Man, you can usually park in the front row of our parking lot. We know it can be difficult to schedule time to look at new plumbing solutions for your home, so Handy Man is open seven days a week and we stay open late on weekdays for your convenience.

* Please note that lead times vary on Onyx products. Please contact your local Handy Man store for the most accurate lead time.

With an excellent track record and “forever” warranty, you simply can’t go wrong with a shower from The Onyx Collection!

View more examples of Onyx Showers or design your own with the Onyx Shower Designer!

Things To Know Before You Shop
• Measure the wall sizes in multiple locations. (Sometimes walls are not square.)
• What height threshold do you desire?
• Note where the drain will go. (Measure distance from center of drain to walls.)
• Notice colors in the bathroom so you can match any custom color shower wall.
• Where are the studs located? (Know this for recessed shower caddies.)
• Are you interested in shower crown molding?
• Are there windows to consider?

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Shower Doors

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