Quiet Exhaust Fans

Steamy mirrors, damp walls, and fogged windows, they are more than annoying.  These problems could indicate developing problems like mold and mildew, ruined insulation, and wood rot.  Today’s homes are built airtight for efficiency.  That means moisture and airborne pollutants stay where they are unless they are vented away.

When picking out a bathroom fan, take a moment to consider what you’re looking for in a ventilation product.  Do you want a quiet operation, a powerful blower, decorative designs or something that’s virtually invisible?  Could you use more light?

The options for exhaust fans today are nearly limitless. We have standard fans (maybe you prefer the noise for added privacy), whisper-quiet fans, fans with humidity sensors that run until the air is dry, motion-sensor fans that automatically run for a number of minutes whenever anyone enters a room, and more!

At Handy Man, you will hear us talk about “sones”.  A sone is a measurement of sound in terms of a comfortable hearing level.  Some of our exhaust fans have sones so low that they will run quieter than your refrigerator.

We carry two major brands – Panasonic and Air King exhaust fans.  Our employees would love to talk with you and help you decide which fan fits your needs.  We have fans that will meet anybody’s budget  Come to Handy Man…”We’ll walk you through it; we do it every day!”

Updated December 2019