How to Choose a Bar Faucet

Refreshing your bar faucet can really liven up your entertaining space.  The bowl of a bar sink is much smaller than the standard kitchen sink, because of this the faucet needs to be higher to allow access to the bowl.  Typically, bar sink faucets have a spout height from 8-13 inches.  A faucet that is too high for the depth of the sink will result in splashing when the water is turned on.  Likewise, a faucet that extends too far over the drain, or behind the drain will result in splashing and possible interference when the sink is used.  Some bar sinks are drilled for faucets with a distance of either 4″ (center-set) or 8″ (widespread) between the hot and cold faucet handles.  Some are offered with centered single-hole drillings to accommodate single-hole faucets.  Others do not have faucet drillings and the faucet is mounted directly onto the countertop.  Before purchasing a faucet, make sure it is compatible with the bar sink you already have at home.

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