Everything You Need to Know About Shower Doors

Shower doors may not be as simple to install as a rod and curtain, but they certainly bring a “wow” factor into your bathroom. Easy-to-clean, durable, and timeless, a shower door is on everyone’s wish-list!


There are more options for shower doors than you probably know! So no matter what kind of tub or shower you have, there is surely a solution for you. 

  • Bypass Sliding Doors: This is a classic shower door style. Two glass panels that slide back and forth. This works great in many applications, especially galley style bathrooms where there isn’t much room for swing doors. One popular style of bypass doors is the barn door style with rollers on top. It can really elevate your bathroom style. 
  • Pivot Doors: If you have either a large bathroom or a small shower, a pivot door might work best for you! The measurements must be spot-on with this style since there is little room for overlap.
  • Neo-Angle or Curved Doors: Corner showers require a special kind of door. And we have them! Neo-angle showers are great ways to save space in a small bathroom. The doors generally have a pivot opening.
  • Custom Doors: If you have a unique space, you may not think there are options for you. But we custom order shower doors all the time! Here are some examples of what The Onyx Collection can create for you!


You have probably heard of frameless shower doors, but the options are not black and white. 

  • Frameless: These usually come as hinged doors or french doors. They are made of a strong and heavy glass that requires sturdy mounting. There are very few places mold can grow, meaning they are very easy to clean!
  • Semi-frameless: Generally seen as a bypass door, there is likely a frame on the bottom and top, but the vertical pieces are bare. This is where the barn-door style comes in!
  • Framed: This is the traditional format for shower doors. They are generally more affordable since the frame can support thinner glass. Since there is a metal frame, it is very important to keep on top of cleaning!


It is extremely important to get an accurate measurement for your shower door! But don’t worry, with a little training, you can do it yourself. 

  • Measure the inside width of your shower in multiple places. 
  • In case the walls are not straight, measure at the top, bottom AND middle. 
  • Walls less than 44” apart will need a hinged door. Sliding doors will not leave enough room for entry.
  • Measure the inside height of the shower from the threshold to the top of the shower walls. Measure to the top of the shower kit or the ceiling, but do NOT measure drywall.
  • Consider the amount of privacy you require and what style of glass you prefer. Clear glass has been the most popular option for the last few years, although we carry multiple options.
  • Note where the toilet and vanity are so you know how much room is available for opening hinge doors.

To find the best shower door for your bathroom, come to Handy Man! We have more than a dozen full-size shower doors on display in our showroom, so you can really see how it will function in your own home.