Bathtub Remodeling Guide

Are you considering installing a new bathtub in your home? Whether you’re replacing an old one, building a new home, or finishing a basement, these are a few things you should consider before buying.

  • Size. When measuring for a remodeling bathtub, you will first need to know the size of the space it will be fitting into. Generally, alcove tubs fit in a 60” x 30”-36” space. Measurements should be taken from stud to stud. This is the most important measurement you need to take before shopping. You will also need to know what side the drain is on (right or left) and be aware of where windows are located. If they will be in the way when surrounding walls are added you will probably have problems.

  • Material. There are 5 major bathtub materials on the market. Plastic, enameled steel, fiberglass, cast iron, and acrylic. We do not even sell plastic or enameled steel tubs at Handy Man because we have found them to be flimsy and unreliable. Fiberglass tubs are a good budget-friendly option that can last many years when taken care of. They are lightweight and easy to install. Another option is cast iron.  Although beautiful and strong, these tubs can be incredibly heavy. They can be difficult to move upstairs and may need additional support to ensure they do not damage the bathroom floor. Our favorite choice for bathtubs, however, is cast acrylic. Although it is more expensive than fiberglass, it is incredibly durable and doesn’t chip, crack, or fade. It is also non-porous which makes it easy to clean. Acrylic tubs are still lightweight and easy to install in most locations.

  • Bathing Well. It is important to consider the size of the bathing well. Even if the outside measurements are the same, the measurements from the inside can vary drastically! To compare tubs measure the bottom of the tub from the “foot” to the “butt” for the bathing length, side to side for the width, and measure the depth from the base to the center of the overflow drain. The larger the measurements, the better. The width and depth vary between different models and it makes a big difference for big and tall people. It’s hard to relax when your knees, belly, or chest is sticking out in the cold air. A deep tub is the best option for bathers who are looking for a relaxing experience.

Stop into Handy Man and try sitting in our bathtubs. They are all displayed on the showroom floor so you can experience the size and feel first hand. We have tons of options to choose from and experts who will help you choose the perfect fit!

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These tubs have the same width and depth measurements, but the difference lies in the bathing well. See how much more spacious the one on the right is?

Updated 2/2022