How To Make The Most Of Your Crowded Family Bathroom

By choosing pieces that add extra storage and also using some mind tricks, you can transform a small family bathroom into a functional space for the whole family.

  • When you choose bathroom furniture with extra storage spaces, you can clear off the vanity top and make your bathroom less cluttered. Consider adding a large medicine cabinet instead of a mirror. Toothbrushes, medicines, and lotions can all be tucked inside and out of sight. Hanging an over-the-john cabinet is a great way to utilize a big empty space and get even more bathroom items out of the way.
  • Remove your large vanity cabinet and install a compact pedestal sink with storage. Pedestal sinks generally do not extend as far from the wall, leaving more room for people to pass through.
  • If you can’t bear to give up a larger vanity, consider installing a wall-mounted one instead. The extra floor space can be filled with baskets and makes cleaning the floor a breeze.
  • Replacing your dull light fixtures with brighter ones can make your space feel much larger. Bright lights can fill dark corners with light and make you realize how much space you have available. Mirrors reflect the light, so a large mirror will make your bathroom feel more spacious as well.
  • Shower curtains make bathrooms feel smaller and darker than they actually are. By adding a frameless shower door you can trick the eye into feeling like the space is more open. An added bonus of adding a shower door is the ability to mount towel bars directly on the door. This clears up the walls and instead allows towels to dry in a space that wasn’t utilized before.
  • Wall color can make or break a small bathroom. Choosing lighter paint colors opens up the space and makes it feel much larger.

As seen in The Hood Magazine