Kitchen Sinks 101: Everything You Need to Know

We sat down with Siouxland Woman Magazine and answered a few of the commonly asked questions about kitchen sinks. Read below for answers to these questions and more!

I had never thought much about kitchen sinks before. I never had a reason to. Things change when you begin a kitchen remodel, however. I had a lot to learn about sinks and thankfully Handy Man had the right information for me.

So Handy Man, are there some things to consider when buying a kitchen sink or are they pretty much the same?

There are some very important things to consider when replacing your kitchen sink. Believe it or not, there is a sink for every person depending on your lifestyle.

Ok, so what should I consider when looking for the perfect sink for my kitchen?

One of the first things you should do when looking for a sink is to check the bottom of the sink. Is there a flat surface area on the sink bottom? Sinks with more flat space can be more expensive, but they are a better product because of design. You’ll be able to place more dishes in the sink on a flat surface without them tipping over, making it much safer for your glassware.

I hadn’t thought of that and of course that makes sense. What about drain location?

Drain location should be near the back of the sink. When the drain is located near the back, the disposal and trap are also towards the back providing you with more space under your sink for storage and for your garbage receptacle.

What about noise? Is this something I should consider?

Yes. Less expensive sinks have less sound proofing. When you run your disposal it will be very loud. Pay attention to the thickness of the steel. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the steel. Heavier steel won’t dent as easily and will be much quieter.

What about undermount vs. drop in sinks?

It’s much easier to sweep crumbs into your sink from your countertop with an undermount sink and they give you more depth.

I really like the look of stainless steel. Is there a difference?

Of course. Better quality steel sinks are given hand polished highlights at the factory using a buffing wheel, so you’ll want to look for a sink with a nice shine. It will be more visually appealing and it will be easier to clean.

Are there other materials I should consider?

Yes, there are other sink materials. Some sinks are made of a stone-like material often called ‘quartz’ and are very durable. They’re made to be the most sanitary, hard to scratch and come in several color options.

I’m trying to decide between one bowl or two. What do you suggest?

One bowl sinks are becoming more popular but two bowls are standard. It depends on which you prefer and the types of things you are washing. Along with that you consider the divides. A lower divide works best for soaking frying pans, but you can still fill the entire sink up with water if needed.

Is there a standard size for sinks?

Standard kitchen sinks are 33×22. Most of the sinks in your home could be replaced by another standard size that will fill the same space while providing a new look.

What is trending currently in kitchen sinks?

Apron front farm sinks are becoming more and more popular. You don’t have to lean over and reach as much, putting less stress on your back and they are beautiful!

The most important thing is to make sure you decide what works for you and your family. What works well for one person may not work for another. And, by all means, make sure to look at the sinks in person, stand in front of them, and reach your hands inside as if you were doing dishes. That is the best way to make sure it will work for you.