Shopping for a bathroom vanity? Review this first.

Showroom Vanities

Before you start browsing the internet and showrooms for a new bathroom vanity, let us help you prepare for your search.

How to choose the perfect bathroom vanity

The latest trends and personal design preferences all factor into choosing a vanity. In addition to these considerations, answering these questions will help you narrow your search to find the perfect one.

How much space do you have to work with?

Planning to upgrade a vanity in a small guest bathroom? How about build a new master bathroom? If you’re working in an existing space, measure the old vanity’s width, depth, and height. Depending on the year your home was built, vanities may have started to rise in height from around 32 inches up to 36 inches—and a few inches can make a big difference! If you’re installing an above-counter vessel sink that may also impact the vanity height you choose.

Next, measure the space between the vanity and nearby objects, such as the toilet and tub. How much space do you need between the vanity and these objects? You don’t want your bathroom to feel cramped. You also want to be able to reach in the nooks and crannies to clean.

After measuring, you will know if you have room to use a larger vanity. You can also order a custom built vanity to fit your unique space. Keep this in mind if you can’t find your ideal size vanity once you start shopping.

Who will be using the sink and vanity area?

Depending on who will be using the sink and vanity area, consider how much counter and storage space you’ll need. Do you need a vanity to accommodate a double sink or many cabinets and shelves for you and other family members? Is this a vanity you’ll use every day? Will the vanity and sink area only be used by the occasional guest?

A durable surface that is easy to keep clean but is still beautiful to look at should be your goal in any situation.

Also consider frequent users when choosing a vanity height. Adults don’t want to lean over the counter too far, but little hands may have to reach the sink. Think about the needs of your bathroom’s most frequent users.

Are you willing to reroute pipes?

If you are remodeling and thinking about changing where your vanity is located, are you also ready to pay for new plumbing? Typically, the closer you are to other items that use water, the less piping you’ll need. Also think about this when contemplating whether to go with a free standing vanity that sits on the floor or a floating vanity that is attached to the wall. If you’re switching from one style to another, it may require some extra funds and work.

What colors are you looking to complement?

If you have a lot of vintage decor and deep, rich hues in your bathroom, chances are that you’re not going to want a modern, straight edge white vanity.

Take pictures of objects you’re looking to complement before going to the store, including wall colors, hardware (such as towel racks), and anything else you’re looking to pull in. A vanity has the ability to make or break the feel of your bathroom. Look at the finer details of several vanities, from the hardware’s color and shape to the main material’s grain texture and cut.

Grab your camera, a notebook and pencil, and tape measure. Also go back to your budget. Now that you have the specs, photos, and a maximum cost in mind, the process should go a lot faster and smoother.

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Originally posted 4/2015