Ugly Bathroom? Fix it up with these tips!

Do you have a bathroom that you just can’t stand looking at anymore?

We just finished up our 4th Annual Ugly Bathroom Contest where contestants submitted photos of their bathrooms and winners received store credit to update their bathroom. We had over 175 submissions and we want to help all of our entrants with their much-needed remodels! Here are some remodeling ideas that can make a HUGE difference in your bathroom, without major demolition.

Vanity top & faucet

Most of the entrants in our Ugly Bathroom Contest could update their bathroom with a new vanity top! A standard size top costs only a couple hundred dollars and can make your entire bathroom look sharp and functional. Our seamless vanity tops are easy to install on your own and come in over 60 colors. They’re easy to clean and make your bathroom look less cluttered since there is no seam or raised edge for the bowl. Add a new faucet in a sharp new finish and you’re on your way to enjoying your bathroom again!

Mirror & Lights

By replacing your outdated light fixtures and water-stained or chipped mirror you can create a brighter atmosphere in your bathroom. It’s time to get rid of the bronze finished lights from the 80s and bring your bathroom into the present. Handy Man has dozens of options in many finishes and sizes for every bathroom. Find a unique mirror with a trendy frame that adds a bit of personality to your new bathroom.

Towel bars and accessories

Scratched and worn towel bars and shower rods can make your bathroom look tired. Having the right towel bars and hooks in your bathroom can help with bathroom organization too! When everything has a place in a small bathroom it can feel much more spacious. Install a new set in an afternoon! This inexpensive fix will spark a feeling of freshness and renewal in your bath. 

Toilet seat

Whether your seat is chipped, stained, or made of wood, you should replace your grungy toilet seat with something new! Get a fresh seat for under $25. Or live a little more luxuriously with a slow-close lid. Many new seats come with easy-to-install bolts so you can make this change in a matter of minutes!


The biggest change you can make in your bathroom is to simply paint the walls! Most bathrooms are fairly small, so it doesn’t take a lot. Choose a light color to make your space seem brighter and larger. You’ll soon be in love with your bathroom again!

*** Prices and availability subject to change. Posted August 2019.