2023 Bathroom Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

Planning on a bathroom upgrade in 2023? Take a look at some of these trending products and add some to your bathroom. We keep all of the latest trends at Handy Man and can help you create the bathroom oasis of your dreams!

Backlit Mirrors – We have carried a variety of lighted mirrors over the years, and the latest trend is to have them backlit! It certainly adds an element of luxury and we are here for it!

One-Of-A-Kind Bathtubs – Why settle for a plain bathtub when you could have something unique? Your relaxing soak should be inviting with a tub in your favorite style.

Nature-Inspired Colors – Sage green is expected to be the biggest vanity color for 2023. The smooth organic color is a great way to create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom. It is neutral enough to go with any wall and accessory options.

Warm Metallic Accents – Copper and Brass finishes add a soft, warm element to any bathroom. Mix and match metals to create some bathroom diversity.

Layers – Gone are the days of cool gray EVERYTHING. Add warmth and texture to your bathroom with a mix of beautiful area rugs, wallpapers, wainscoting, patterns, and other unique features that make your home look lived in.