5 Quick Fixes To Freshen Your Home For Graduation

The month of May is flooded with Graduation parties. If you are hosting one at your home this spring, make sure your kitchen and bathroom are ready for guests! We have listed 5 easy updates that can be done in just a few hours.

  1. Replace drippy kitchen and bathroom faucets – we have dozens in stock and on display!
  2. Update your wobbly toilet paper and towel holders with new, sturdy ones.
  3. Hang a statement mirror above your guest bathroom vanity for added style.
  4. Replace your old toilet seat with a slow-close seat to avoid pinched fingers.
  5. Install a new shower head so overnight guests have an enjoyable stay.

So get going and pick up your new fixtures at Handy Man — we have all of these items in stock for you to take home today!