9 Bathroom Trends for 2019

  1. Gold Faucet Finishes: Unlike the polished brass of the 1980s, the brushed gold that is emerging in the remodeling industry is sleek and modern. The bright color brings warmth into your bathroom.

  2. Integrated Technology: More and more technology is being integrated into bathrooms. From Bluetooth showers and motion-sensor faucets to lighted mirrors and humidity-sensing bath fans, these inventions are making it easier for you to get on with your day!

  3. Colorful Vanity Colors: Classic bathrooms are always on trend. However, adding a pop of color can brighten up the room. Choose a vanity in bold blue or sage green to stand out among the rest.

  4. Black Fixtures: Black faucets are everywhere in 2019. Their dark contrast makes them stand out in a light-colored bathroom. They look great with natural stone vanity tops.

  5. Spa-Like Designs: Self-care has become a real focus in the last few years. By remodeling your bathroom to include a few spa-like features like a soaker tub, a steam shower, and earthy tones, you might just start your day off a bit less stressed than you used to be.

  6. Statement Mirrors: Decor is the easiest thing to change in a bathroom. By hanging a unique mirror in your bathroom, you can create a bit of whimsy – especially in powder rooms where there isn’t need for extra storage.

  7. Clean Lines: Eliminate the ornate filigree with modern no-nonsense fixtures. Minimalist designs make cleaning easier and the lack of clutter can leave you less stressed.

  8. Frameless Shower Doors: The modern look of a frameless door is a great addition to any bathroom. Make your bathroom appear larger without the bulk of metal frames encroaching on your shower. Plus, these frameless doors leave you with less hardware to clean.

  9. Single Handle Post-Mount Faucets: These faucets are so user-friendly, they are really the only way to go. It is much easier to control the water temperature since only one hand is necessary for adjustments. Also, eliminate extra time spent cleaning. Just wipe down the spout and handle and get on with your day! It’s a beautiful, clean, and modern look.