Bath & Shower Faucet Styles


For your tub and shower faucet, you will have the option of choosing the spout style, finish style, panel style and handle style.  If you prefer a sleek and polished style, stainless steel can be a durable and practical solution.  Chrome and brushed nickel are very popular finishes and seem to be “trend free.”  You must also decide whether you prefer a traditional style or a more updated contemporary look.

Many of the new bathroom tub and shower faucets feature various safety measures.  You may wish to purchase a tub and shower faucet that utilizes a device to maintain an optimal setting.  One lever may adjust the water pressure while the other lever sets the temperature.  This type of faucet is more elaborate but can be a good investment and safety feature, especially if you have children.

At Handy Man, we carry many styles and finishes to choose from.  We often display our “families” together – where you can see the lavatory faucet right next to the design of the tub and shower faucet.  We pride ourselves in not only on our faucet selection, but also the various price ranges.  We have faucets for any budget and a knowledgeable staff that can “walk you through it”!