How To Take Your Shower To The Next Level


If you’re looking for a way to make your shower experience better, look no further! Handy Man carries a wide variety of accessories to bring your shower to the next level.

Shelves & Caddies:

Permanent shower shelves are a great alternative to cheap caddies that hang over the showerhead or attach with suction cups. Order a custom Onyx caddy to match your color scheme, or pick up a glass or metal one that we keep in stock for a quick shower upgrade!

Our popular Onyx showers come with dozens of options for accessories. Find multiple caddy styles to help you hold all of your shampoos, soaps, and gels. You can either choose a recessed caddy or one that fits neatly in the corner. Another popular little accessory is a foot rest shelf. It is installed low in the corner of the shower at the perfect height for leg shaving!


Replacing your shower head is as simple as removing the old one and twisting on a new one. This kind of shower upgrade is so easy it can be done in a rental house or apartment. We carry a wide variety of shower heads in a wide variety of finishes. Rain showerheads, multi-function showerheads, and 2-in-1 handshowers. 


Handshowers make bathing children and pets so much easier. They’re also great for cleaning the shower! Try to make a habit of rinsing the shower walls and door after each use. It will reduce soap scum buildup, leaving your shower looking spotless for longer.

Shower Seat:

A Shower seat doesn’t have to be an ugly medical-grade eyesore. And you don’t need to be in your 80s to get one either. It is nice to have a place to rest while taking your shower. Especially when you are battling a cold or just need to wind down after a hard workout. If you don’t have a bathtub, a shower seat is the next best thing. We have multiple options: a variety of custom Onyx seats, or a fold-down teakwood seat. The fold-down styles are great because they don’t take up room unless you need them. 

These accessories can work with any shower – Tile, Onyx, or Jetcoat too! Some will even work with prefabricated tub/shower units. So if you’re looking to make your shower a little more luxurious, stop in and check out the options at Handy Man!