Introducing Jetcoat Shower Systems!

Say goodbye to mortar, messy grout, and time-consuming tiling for your bath and shower. Introducing the Jetcoat Shower Wall System: A Grout-Free Solution! It only takes a few hours to measure, cut, and adhere to the wall, which makes this a perfect DIY project for most. Just 24 hours later, the walls will be cured and ready for use. With ten ultra-durable premium finishes and four different configurations, you’ll never find an easier or more affordable way to give your bath the stylish and dramatic makeover you’ve been dreaming of.

Decorators everywhere are falling in love with these long-lasting and sophisticated walls! There is a perfect style for everyone! Getting a new Jetcoat shower is incredibly quick and easy with the Jetcoat grout-free installation system. Although it looks like these are individual tiles, they are actually large panels that simply click into place with their tongue and groove edges. They fit so snugly that you will have a hard time finding the seams once the panels are in place. The SPC Rigid Core panels are incredibly durable since they are made into a composite from natural marble powder and PVC powder. With 10 layers of strengthening and UV protectant mediums, these heavy-duty walls will stand up for years without the worry of chipping, staining, or fading.

Jetcoat is a stunningly affordable option for anyone looking to install a shower. With multiple base sizes available and a 10-year warranty, replacing your old bathtub, standard shower, or corner shower is a breeze! You can also order a custom base from Handy Man and order Jetcoat walls to fit if you have a unique-sized space. Come and see it on display at our showroom – you will love it! See the installation video here! 

Jetcoat was created by Craft+Main (previously called Foremost), one of our trusted vendors for many bathroom products, including their bathroom vanity cabinets and shower doors.