Kitchen Faucet Trends 2022

2022 kitchen faucet trends can pretty much be summed up with this quote, “Products with simple, sleek lines are popular among customers to achieve a timeless design throughout their homes that will withstand the ever-changing trends and never be out of style,” says Jean-Jacques L’Henaff, leader of LIXIL Global Design, Americas. Below are some examples of the features being installed in kitchens in the USA this year.

Semi-Professional styles: 

Many homeowners dream of replicating the functionality of a professional kitchen in their own homes. Gas stoves, large workspaces, and spring faucets are a must. Not only do these features help you to cook with power, but they are aesthetically pleasing. 

Unique finishes: 

A few years ago, the only options for kitchen faucets were chrome and brushed nickel. These days our showroom is a sea of satin gold, brushed brass, black stainless, and matte black faucets, as well as the old stand-bys.

Technology Integration:

Touch-activated faucets have been around for quite a while now, but the mechanics involved keep getting better. Take advantage of the technology revolution by installing a new touch, motion, or voice-activated faucet in your home.

Green Living:

Millennials and others are more focused on the planet now than ever before. Water use and recycled materials have become a talking point in all aspects of their consumer lifestyle, including remodeling. Faucets that use less water while still providing incredible cleaning power are becoming more and more popular.

The kitchen faucet is hands-down the most used appliance in your family’s home. Whether you are there to wash hands, fill a glass of water, do dishes, water houseplants, or rinse produce, the kitchen faucet is constantly being turned on and off. It’s time to enjoy your time in the kitchen with a functional faucet!

All of these styles and more can be found in stock at Handy Man! With the help of our in-store experts, you will surely be satisfied with your purchase for years to come!