From Kids To Young Adults: Lasting Bathroom Essentials

Plan a bathroom remodel that won’t be outgrown! By taking these factors into consideration, you can build a bathroom for your kids that will last from kindergarten to college.

1. When choosing a vanity, think STORAGE! Assigning a drawer to each child can be super helpful when trying to keep the bathroom clean.

2. Another way to keep the kids’ bathroom clean is by choosing the right faucet. A post-mount faucet is the easiest to clean. There aren’t extra handles to clean around, and the swivel handle allows users to easily change the water temperature and flow. This also becomes a safety feature, since young children aren’t trying to manage the hot water valve on their own.

3. Depending on the age of your children, or if you are planning on having more in the future, a NextStep potty seat can be a lifesaver! Eliminate the extra potty chair on the floor, and allow your toddler to feel like a grown-up! When the time is right to get rid of the potty seat attachment, just pop it off and store it under the sink for the grandkids!

4. When you’re ready to paint the walls, don’t be afraid to use some color or decorate with a fun theme! Make this an enjoyable place for the little ones to get ready each day and night.

5. If you have space, a double vanity is a must-have for shared bathrooms. Teeth will be brushed in double time! Plus, with any luck, teens can share the bathroom!

6. Tubs are slippery. A simple grab bar can prevent falls, and give kids a safe exit from tub-time. Remove it when they’re older, or keep it in place – it might come in handy!