Lighted Mirrors – Luxury at Home!

Have you ever been to a fancy hotel with a lighted mirror in the bathroom? It makes you feel like royalty as you prepare for your events. Now you can have that same experience in your own home every single day!

A surprisingly affordable lighted mirror can do wonders for your morning routine. The basic models come standard with dimmable non-flicker 50,000-hour LED lights. Select the perfect natural-light setting for applying makeup as well as shaving so you look flawless every morning. 

If you really want to make a statement, we can order a special lighted mirror just for you. Of course you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, but also technology features. Dimmable lights, voice activation, or even a hidden TV screen so you don’t have to miss even a second of the big game. The LED HDTV screen disappears when you turn it off. 

There’s no limit to where you can install your lighted mirror. Some people choose to have it on display in their powder room for guests to primp during a party — and for a quick once-over as residents head out the door. Others include lighted mirrors in their master bathroom for an elevated look and feel to their everyday routine. We have also seen some people install theirs over a makeup vanity desk. A lighted mirror shines light on your face from all sides, eliminaing dark shadows and ensuring flawless daily makeup.

Our display of lighted mirrors always seems to blow people away. We have multiple styles on display in our showroom and we always keep a few options in stock. See for yourself what a lighted mirror can do for you AND your bathroom!