Medicine Cabinets with More Than Storage to Offer

Working on a bathroom remodel or new construction? Now is the time to install a medicine cabinet instead of a mirror. You’ll add additional storage space to an in-demand area. Plus, you can get other useful features that are appearing on more cabinets.

Recessed or Mounted Medicine Cabinet?

Medicine Cabinets
Get better light with a recessed cabinet.

We offer both recessed (in the wall) and mounted (on top of the wall) medicine cabinets. So, why would you choose one over the other?

Recessed Medicine Cabinets

With recessed cabinets, you’ll get better light. Most light mounts only extend so far. With a recessed cabinet, the bulbs won’t be covered up.

This type of cabinet is best for new construction projects, as you’re required to cut into the wall (and know what’s behind it). If you’re replacing an existing recessed medicine cabinet, this will work, too. Most standard medicine cabinets extend 4” deep. If you wish, you can find ones that go into the wall about 4” and extend out from the wall 2”. This will allow you to store even more bulky items, such as toilet paper.

Mounted Medicine Cabinets

With surface mounted cabinets, installation is typically smooth. This type of cabinet works well if you’re remodeling a bathroom, but not the pipe structure behind the walls. Oftentimes, plumbing vent pipes run directly behind the vanity area. Unless you’re willing to invest in rerouting your pipes, go with a mounted model. Usually, you’ll just have to find a stud to screw-in the cabinet. Then opt for extended light fixtures over the mirror or a cabinet that includes lights. This way you’ll get ample illumination at the top.

One mirror, two mirrors, or three mirrors?

Medicine Cabinets
This medicine cabinet has a mirror on the outside, inside the door, and behind the shelf.

You can find medicine cabinets with one, two, or three mirrors. And additional mirrors may be handier than you think. If you share a bathroom with multiple family members, having a mirror on the outside, inside the door, and behind the shelf will allow multiple people to get ready for the day (or for bed) at once.

Medicine Cabinets
Check out both framed and frameless options at our showroom.

Frame or frameless?

Whether or not you want a frame on your medicine cabinet is a completely personal preference. However, it is much easier to add a frameless mirror into an existing bathroom as it matches everything. If you remodel in the future, you can keep your medicine cabinet and still have an open palate to work from.

If you want a frame, try to match your vanity’s wood color. If this isn’t an option, get creative. Maybe consider a metallic frame to go with your faucet or other fixtures. Or match a focal decoration in the bathroom. The choice is yours.


Special storage options

Storage is one of the main reasons homeowners install medicine cabinets. But did you know that you can get customizable storage options?

If you have items that range in height, look for a cabinet with adjustable shelves. These should be easy to rearrange without the use of tools.

You can also get medicine cabinets with drawers, either below the mirror or inside.

Locks are also starting to appear on more cabinets. You can opt for one that locks the entire cabinet, or one that has a security drawer hidden inside. This can be an important safety feature with small children in the house.

Medicine Cabinets
Keep medicines or private items under lock-and-key.

Your medicine cabinet doesn’t have to be just for the bathroom either. Some homeowners put it in the bedroom to hold jewelry, makeup, and more. Be inspired and find other places you can use additional storage or a mirror.

Why get your medicine cabinet at Handy Man?

Handy Man is a local business. We hand select every product in our store to offer not only a range of options but quality ones at that. Everything is on display for you to try out. You can also talk with an expert in bathroom and kitchen construction and remodeling. If you’re looking for installation instructions, our Handy Man experts can walk you through it. We also know local contractors who can help if needed. Visit us at any one of our three locations.

Updated October 2018