One-of-a-Kind Vessel Sinks

Vessel Sink, Turtle Drain

The most elegant form of bathroom sink today is the vessel. Vessel sinks rise above the counter to create a focal point. Reminiscent of china washbasins with finished inside and outside walls; vessels are made from spun glass, lead crystal, glass, metal, rock, bronze, china, fireclay, earthenware, cast iron and stainless steel. They can be traditional or contemporary in design.

Vessels may be installed to rest above the counter top or with a wall-mount bracket. Some glass and cast iron vessels can be installed in a self-rimming application, or under-the-counter. If you want a vessel type lavatory, you must make this decision before construction begins, because the wall-mounted faucet pipes must be roughed in before the drywall is installed.

Some above counter vessel sinks come with holes for faucet mounting. Other vessels require tall counter installed faucets or wall mount faucets that will clear the vessel.

At Handy Man we carry a wide variety of one of a kind vessels to meet anybody’s needs.  If you cannot find one on our showroom floor to take home, browse through our various manufacturers and let us help you special order one for you. “We’ll walk you through it… we do it every day!”