Relaxation Report

While downsizing may be en vogue in some areas of the home, consumers still place high value on the bath as a personal retreat. In high-stress times, products that promote relaxation are increasingly important, and as such, jetted tubs, spas, saunas and steam baths remain must-haves on many consumers’ lists. Additionally, an aging demographic has given a boost to products that offer therapeutic benefits, as these are seen as having real value, a hot buzzword with today’s consumer.

“People are more focused on overall health, and that includes reducing stress and encouraging more relaxation,” says Jamie Polk, v.p. of sales for Diamond Spas in Frederick, CO. “They are turning their standard bathrooms into mini spas that can be used at any time in the privacy of their own homes.” Jetted tubs, saunas and steam baths can all contribute to that spa-like feel, he notes.

Whether incorporating a steam shower, whirlpool or sauna in a partial or full renovation, the key is to make the room more comfortable and relaxing for the homeowner, manufacturers agree.