The Colorful Benefits of Chromatherapy

Updated February 2022
For thousands of years, people have used colors to heal. The ancient Egyptians have been healing with primary colors since 2000 BC. In recent years, hundreds of studies have been performed on the affect of color on moods and temperaments. For instance, restaurants are most often associated with the color red (it makes people feel hungry); and blue is common in office buildings (it is easy on the eyes, creating a calming sensation).


Many bath products we carry have an option to include Chromatherapy. Chromatherapy (or Color Therapy) is a lighting system that uses the powers of color and light to let your mind and body become relaxed or energized during a warm bath or shower. Many of our tubs and shower heads now come with colorful LED lights in them. There are generally 6 or more color options that can be chosen by a remote or control panel.


Whether or not you believe that colored light can heal your ailments, it can certainly get you in the right mindset for the day. There’s a color cure to every feeling that is distressing you!


  • Red light can energize you. Use this color in the morning when you are getting ready for a big game or important presentation at work.
  • Purple is a sleep-inducing color – great for the kids’ nighttime baths.
  • Blue light has been known to be calming and reduce stress.
  • Green light is associated with growth and balance. Select green when you are in need of a little “me time” to regroup and set goals.
  • Orange is a warm and optimistic color. It increases energy and rejuvenates the body and soul.
  • Our final color is refreshing white. A bright white light is great for cleansing the body. The clean color will leave you feeling fresh and new.


If you are interested in bringing chromotherapy to your bathroom, stop by Handy Man to find a wide array of products to suit your every need. We look forward to working with you!
Relax in a Soothing Bath with Lights - Kohler Chromatherapy Tubs