The REAL Reason to Install a Water-Efficient Toilet

Toilet heights

While many retailers rave about the savings you can get when you replace your old water-guzzling toilet with a new efficient model, that is really the least of our concerns. Yes, in the 1970s, toilets used 5-8 gallons per flush (GPF) which is a crazy amount compared to the 1990s regulation of 1.6 GPF. The latest standards will cut back water usage even further to only 0.8 GPF. But if your concerns are financially motivated, switching to a new toilet to save on the water bill doesn’t make much sense. Depending on where you live, a family of 4 really only saves about $50 per year. 

However, when it comes to the other benefits you get from a new toilet, the list is quite extensive. 

Mostly Clog-Free
Modern toilet trapways are significantly wider than they used to be. This means fewer clogs to worry about. The flush technology also is much stronger to empty the bowl in only a second. Instead of a slowly built-up swirl, they allow water to rush into the bowl where the powerful flush whisks everything away almost instantly. Many manufacturers also have updated the topcoat glaze that makes the toilet ultra-smooth, even under a microscope. Waste has virtually nowhere to stick and travels straight down the pipes. 

Not only does the microscopic glaze help with a smooth flush, but there are also antimicrobial features that keep the bowl cleaner. Less scrubbing for you! Also, instead of re-filling the bowl with the small holes around the rim that are prone to clogging or rusting, many manufacturers are opting for a large “tornado-like” swirl of water that enters from one large passage. Nobody enjoys cleaning a toilet, so why make it more difficult? Some modern toilets are called “skirted” which means there is no visible s-curve trapway to scrub.  The outside of the smooth base can be wiped down in a matter of seconds, leaving you more time to do what you love.

Most of the toilets we sell are considered “Comfort-Height” or ADA compliant. They are about 17″ tall as opposed to the previous 15″ tall models you may be used to. We can even point you to an ULTRA-TALL 19″ model if you’re tall or have a difficult time getting in and out of chairs. Another trend for toilets is to use an elongated bowl instead of a round one. Although they take up a little more space, they are much more comfortable (especially for men). 

So stop by our showroom and we will help you choose the coolest new model for your home. We’ll even give you some tricks for the easiest installation! For the very best in bathrooms, come to Handy Man!