Remodeling a Bathroom on a $3,000 Budget

You’re on a budget but your bathroom desperately needs help. We went on a shopping spree at Handy Man to show you what you can buy with $3,000 for your bathroom remodel. 

Considering the most common bathroom size is 5’x8’, we chose products that would likely fit the space. If your bathroom requires larger or smaller fixtures it will make a difference in the cost of your remodel.

Let’s start with the shower. If you currently have a bathtub and are looking to install a walk-in shower, we keep standard five-foot remodeling bases in stock. Pair the base with our popular Jetcoat shower walls. They come in a variety of styles and colors, to fit any bathroom. Complete the look with a Moen Genta showerhead and a simple shower curtain for the enclosure. Most importantly, keep the humidity out of the air with a high-performance Panasonic exhaust fan. It will keep your bathroom smelling fresh and mildew-free!

Shower Base: $399
Jetcoat Shower Walls: $749
Showerhead Kit: $125
Curtain Rod: $43
Exhaust Fan: $99

An old toilet is not doing you any favors. They guzzle water, can be difficult to clean, and are typically small and uncomfortable. Install a high-efficiency, comfort-height, elongated toilet. We chose the TOTO Entrada to fit those requirements. Splurge a little on a Bemis slow-close toilet seat so you don’t have to worry about pinched fingers and loud slams. 

Toilet: $219
Toilet Seat: $50

We selected a 36” vanity and top to fit the bathroom space. This Foremost Monterrey vanity comes in 3 colors and has slow-close doors and drawers. An Onyx vanity top is a no-brainer. The seamless design makes cleaning incredibly easy. Plus, they are guaranteed forever! A four-inch centerset faucet is generally the least expensive option. We keep dozens of styles and finishes in stock at all of our showrooms. Above the vanity, you will need a new mirror and light bar. Mixing metals is a popular trend to follow. The “rule” is to have two items in each finish to make it look put-together. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a more expensive finish for a few items, while saving on a more affordable finish for other pieces. We chose the brushed nickel finish for the Westin light bar and Moen Idora faucet, and chose matte black for the Latitude2 accessories and matching mirror.

Vanity: $459
Vanity Top: $338
Faucet: $85
Light Bar: $99
Mirror: $179
Bath Accessories: $84



• Remodeling nearly always comes with an unexpected expense or two! Make sure to leave a little wiggle room so you can plan for the unexpected. Know that the older your home is, the more likely you will run into problems with your remodel. 

• We also want to be clear that we did not include the expense of the plumbers or electricians, flooring, paint, or trim, etc. that we do not sell at Handy Man. 

• While they are accurate as of July 2022, prices are subject to change.