5 Quick and Easy Budget Upgrades for Your Home

1. Upgrade your toilet seat.

Is your toilet seat chipped, cracked or discolored? Is it always shifting an inch to the right or left when you take a seat? (Annoying!) Or perhaps you purchased a flimsy one a long time ago and it’s time to upgrade. In addition to sturdier plastics and more polished looks, some toilet seats have features that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that before?” Lighted seats, potty training seats and bidet washing seats are all available today.

2. Replace your bathroom faucet.

Bathroom faucets come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes these days. Grime builds up, finishes rub off, and colors go out of style when it comes to faucets. With a variety of finishes and designs to choose from, it can be a quick way to update the look of your lavatory. Choose something trendy, like oil-rubbed bronze, or opt for something that pairs nicely with the other hardware in your bathroom.

3. Brighten up your bathroom with a new light bar.

Updated lighting will impact how everything in your bathroom looks. Transform a small or low-light area to a welcoming room with proper illumination.

Whether you’re looking for trendy ‘Edison-style’ lightbulbs or to something to shine more light over the mirror, lighting can make or break the functionality of your bathroom. Men like shaving in a well-lit space, just like women prefer to apply makeup in a bright, clean environment.

4. Install a unique or neutral mirror.

Replacing an old mirror is simple. It doesn’t cost much and requires minimal handyman skills. If you have a surface mounted medicine cabinet, you can also replace it with a mirror. You just won’t have as much storage space. If you have a recessed medicine cabinet that’s embedded into the wall, hanging a mirror will be a little more tricky but it can be worth the effort.

By opting for a mirror, you can choose from many fun shapes, sizes, and colors. Or you can keep it neutral by going with a frameless glass look that coordinates with anything. Keep the width of your vanity in mind when selecting a mirror. In most instances, it should fill but not exceed the width of the vanity.

5. Swap the old towel bars for new!

Towel bars take more abuse than you might think. The wet towels that rest on them can wear off the finish over time. They are also being pulled on every day. If your towel bars are feeling loose, or they aren’t looking as bright and fresh as you would like, it’s time to replace them! There are many styles to choose from – hooks, bars (in many sizes), rings, toilet paper holders (with hinges that make rolls easy to change), and more. Find your favorite style and bring it into your home!

We carry dozens of toilet seats, faucets, lights, mirrors, and towel bars in stock so you can start your mini-remodel today! See what one of our customers did with her mini-remodel below!

Updated May 2023