9 Bathroom Design Flaws to Avoid

There are a lot of things to think about when building or remodeling a bathroom. We want you to love your hard work, so take a minute to consider these things before you push “go”!

1. Not Considering Universal Design
No matter what age and ability you are at now, there are some features of bathroom design that can make life a lot easier. Make easy design substitutions like installing a low-profile walk-in shower base, an easy-to-operate single-handle bathroom faucet, and two-in-one handshower/showerhead that can beautifully serve everyone in the family no matter what age or ability. 

2. Cramming It All In
Sometimes less is more, especially when dealing with a small bathroom. Yes, measure the exact width of the tub, toilet, and vanity, to see what will fit. But be sure to leave some blank space on the wall for hanging towels, a little space on the counter for makeup and hygiene items, and room to hang the toilet paper on the wall.

3. Not Enough Storage
Pedestal sinks and open shelving might be the perfect style for your bathroom, but where will you put your medicines, cleaning supplies, and extra towels? Consider storage when choosing a vanity, or you may need to make room for a coordinating linen cabinet in the bathroom.

4. Toilet Views
Nobody wants to be walked in on while seated on the toilet. Placing the toilet in an alcove or separate room is a huge perk. Or at least make sure it is out of the direct line of sight from the door if someone barges in without knocking.

5. Bad Lighting
Lighting can make or break your daily routine. Allow for good natural light from the window and purposefully choose light fixtures to go near your mirror, light your shower, and brighten the dark toilet alcove. 

6. Size & Weight Of Items
Pre-installed marble top vanity sets, one-piece bathbays, and more. These products can be used, but please do all of your measuring and planning before you place your order! Hauling a 1,000-pound bathroom vanity with a marble top up a flight of stairs is a nightmare. We have had many customers return one-piece bathbays they wanted to install in their basement remodel because they don’t fit through finished doorways! (We carry multi-piece bathbays specifically made for remodeling!) With all things, be sure to consider how you will get your products through doorways and staircases before you special order them! 

7. Non-Recessed Shower Caddies 
Some small showers don’t leave much room for elbows, let alone shelves full of soap bottles. Installing large recessed shower caddies is a great way to maximize the space in your bathroom, and save yourself from bruising your funny bone!

8. Not Enough Outlets!
The last thing you want to add to your bathroom is an extension cord. Install outlets on either side of the vanity, near the toilet (if you want to be able to install a Washlet seat), and anywhere else you could use some power. You won’t regret having too many, but you will certainly regret not having enough!

9. Rushing Into It
Anything worth doing is worth doing right. So take your time and think about all of your options. Especially if you are taking out walls, moving drains, and doing other major renovations. Choose a bathroom vanity that will grow with you and your family. There’s no rush, so do the research, buy quality products, and get the results you will be happy with.