Modern Day Kitchen Faucet Technology

Moen Motionsense
Considering that it is used all day long in your home, having a good faucet should be a priority. Try counting how many times you touch a faucet each day. Dozens. And if you’re a home cook, you’re using yours even more. Statistics say that the average kitchen faucet in a family of four is used over 70 times EACH DAY. Washing hands, refilling water bottles, scrubbing dishes, running the garbage disposal, filling pots, the list goes on. There is simply no reason to live without a good, quality faucet. The features included in modern faucets are bountiful. Delta has ShieldSpray, Touch2O activation, and automatic measuring while Moen boasts MotionSense activation, Alexa voice recognition, and PowerBoost fill to get you out of the kitchen faster. Add precise water temperature measuring for mixing baby formula, watering plants, and hydrating yeast, and there’s no reason not to consider installing one in your home.
Some of this technology has been around for nearly 30 years, but it has been getting better and better over the decades. Touchless faucets originated in the commercial industry as water-saving features. However, do you remember what these faucets were like a few decades ago? They were a nightmare. Users would have to reposition their hands multiple times to get enough water to wash their hands. The sensors wouldn’t work, and they left many users frustrated. Thankfully, manufacturers have had time to work out the kinks and improve these faucet designs.  According to a recent poll, nearly half of all Americans are now interested in upgrading their faucet to something with touch-free activation technology.
When touch technology is paired with some of the other features, like voice activation, it may get you thinking about upgrading your faucets at home. But first, stop by our showroom to check them out! We have some faucets connected to water so you can get real-life experience before you buy. Plus, our helpful showroom experts can help you through the decision to get the faucet that’s right for you.