The NEW TOTO Drake Toilet

TOTO Drake with DynaMax Tornado Flush means you get a better flush every time. 

Flushing Power With Water Savings:

Dynamax Tornado Flush

First of all, let’s get through the basics. The TOTO Drake is a high-efficiency dual-flush toilet, providing a 1.28 gallon per flush option for solids, along with a 0.8 gallon per flush option for liquids. It has a standard 12” rough-in that works in most homes. We carry the ADA Compliant “universal height” and elongated front model which is becoming the norm in the industry. But, what’s really neat are the features that set the Drake apart. 

When it comes to the flush, the Drake has something new in store for you. A traditional flush works in three steps. The first cleans the bowl, the second is for waste evacuation, and the third for the refill. With the Drake’s balanced Dynamax Tornado flush, all of the water serves the same purpose and is able to be released at once. This means an all-around stronger flush that does all three steps in one! The 360° cleaning power and rimless design allow water to reach every part of the bowl, thoroughly cleaning with each flush. This flush provides better cleaning, evacuation, and line carry. Plus, at only 1.28/.8 gallons per flush (GPF) the Drake toilet exceeds water restriction guidelines for the EPA. This means extra water savings for you and for the planet.  

Choose The Look That’s Best For You:

A unique feature of the TOTO Drake is that you can choose from two different tank styles. There is a traditional tank, which is straightforward with clean lines and a modern feel, and also a transitional style that has a more classic appearance. This way, you don’t have to choose your toilet between functionality and style. The TOTO Drake brings both to the table!

Superior Cleaning Power:

Standard porcelain is porous, making it difficult to clean. The TOTO Drake, however, is sealed with CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze which prevents debris and mold from sticking to the surface. CEFIONTECT® creates a perfectly smooth bowl with an ion barrier that is washed clean with the water from each flush. With the semi-concealed trapway on the Drake toilet, it’s just as easy to keep the outside of the toilet clean as it is to keep the bowl clean! 

Without CEFIONTECT® Glaze (Left) | With CEFIONTECT® Glaze (Right)
Semi-concealed trapway for easy cleaning

This toilet is also prepared for the optional addition of a TOTO washlet toilet seat! Washlet seats replace standard seats and are easily mounted to the toilet. The TOTO Drake even has a separate feed line so the water supply line and power cords are not visible. These seats are great for people of all ages, especially the elderly that may have difficulty bending to clean themselves. Learn more about Washlet toilet seats here.

The experienced staff at Handy Man will help you find the perfect toilet for you, whether it’s the TOTO Drake or something else. Stop in and check out our showroom where there are dozens of toilet styles on display!