What are Lavatory Faucets?

Bathroom faucets are another feature that needs careful consideration not only because of their usefulness but also for their design as well. As the remodeling industry has grown, so have the available options. It can be overwhelming, but here at Handy Man, we can help you choose the appropriate taps, spouts, and spigots for your home. Though you may immediately think bathroom faucets consist only of a spout and a handle, think again. There is a limitless supply of choices out there depending on your personal taste. To get you started, here are a few standard models:

Single-Lever: A spout with only one up-and-down lever that controls water pressure; it also swivels to control temperature level. It doesn’t take up much room around the sink, is easy to use, and looks sleek. This can sometimes be called “post-mount” if only one hole needs to be drilled, where other single-lever faucets have a wide plate and still need three holes drilled.

4″ Centerset: This faucet has two handles and a spout, but they are all together in one piece. It takes up more room around the sink, but it is a classic design that is seen in many homes.

Widespread: This comes in three parts: a spout and two handles (one for hot and cold). Therefore they tend to take up more room around the sink and are a bit more complicated in terms of installation since it requires three separate fittings. Although they’re a bit more expensive, these units provide a unique, old-world charm.

Wall-Mounted: These often come in widespread, but are installed into the wall above the sink. They’re great for free-standing basins and pedestal sinks which need a longer spout. These take up no room on the countertop which creates a sharp, clean look. And though they are more difficult to install, their uniqueness makes up for initial costs.

At Handy Man, we like to think of ourselves as the “Faucet Headquarters!” We have over 50 in-stock lavatory faucets on display along with many more “special order” faucets. We are here to help you make an informed decision…”We’ll walk you through it”…we do it every day!

Updated December 2019