Benefits of a Kitchen Prep Sink

Couple cooking in kitchen with prep sink

When there are too many cooks in the kitchen, you might want to look into incorporating a prep sink into your space!

How often is one person filling up a pot of water while another person is waiting in line to wash some vegetables? In my home it happens all the time. Adding a prep sink eliminates that problem! 

What is a prep sink? A prep sink is a small sink that is generally installed in a kitchen island. This allows multiple people to have access to water and a drain without bumping into each other. They are generally about half the size of your regular kitchen sink. Prep sinks can be used for washing and rinsing vegetables, washing hands, and filling measuring cups.  Install a garbage disposal and use it to whisk away scraps!

Not only are prep sinks convenient for households with more than one cook, but also they can help you get more done in a day with added efficiency. Assign one person the task of washing dishes while the other washes and cuts produce. 

Handy Man offers a variety of small prep sinks that can be easily installed in your home. Just make sure you’re ready for plumbing! Plus, many of our pull-down kitchen faucet collections have similarly styled bar faucets as well which will look great at your prep sink!

Now get cooking!