Bring Technology Into the Bathroom with a Smart Shower!

In a world of smart homes and smart cars, it’s time to introduce the smart shower! The U by Moen fully integrates the power of technology with the experience of a rejuvenating shower.

What is it? 

The U by Moen shower is a digitally controlled shower experience. Instead of manual controls for temperature and water pressure, there is an LCD screen that controls all shower functions – temperature, which shower head is active, and can set time limits and water-saving features. We’re a huge fan of the U by Moen shower and agree with Wise Pick that it’s the “Best All-Around Smart Shower Controller”. Not only do you get a great shower every time, but you also get the support of Moen’s customer service and experience.


Instead of controlling your shower temperature and spray pattern with handles or knobs, a small digital control panel is placed in your shower that can be set to a specific temperature, time limit, and pre-set. For example, if you prefer a hot shower in the morning and a cooler one after a workout, you can set it so. The U by Moen shower has the ability to have FOUR outlet valves for multiple showerheads. Simply choose which ones you want running with the touch of a button.


The absence of levers and knobs makes shower cleaning a breeze and leaves your shower looking less cluttered. It is also easy to install in your home because extra holes for valves do not need to be drilled.


In total, the cost of installing the U by Moen Smart Shower is comparable to that of a standard shower. Although the solenoid for the smart shower comes at a price, you do not need to purchase separate valves and have them installed. Plus, once you are using it, the water-saving ability is abundant.

It is not unusual for users to turn on their shower, get distracted, and forget the shower is running while gallons of clean fresh water pour down the drain.  When you turn on the U shower and it reaches the desired temperature for your shower, the water stops until you’re ready to use it. The pause function not only saves water for the environment but also saves you money on your water bill. You may also save water by programming the timer function. Reduce your water usage by setting a shower time limit. For each 5-minutes the shower is running, approximately 12 gallons of water go down the drain.  By limiting, or simply being conscious of your time spent in the shower, you can drastically reduce your water bill.


By connecting your smartphone to the U by Moen, you can start the shower from anywhere in your home. When the water temperature meets the programmed setting, it will pause the water and let you know that your shower is ready to go!

With all of the technological advances in kitchens and bathrooms, the U by Moen will be welcomed along with touch and motion faucets, electric mirrors, washlet toilet seats, and more! Find and experience all of these items in Handy Man’s showroom!

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U by Moen Digital Shower - Control Your Shower Your Way