Prioritizing Your Budget During Your Remodel

When you are budgeting for your remodel, you may be looking at places to save. Don’t cut all of the corners though, or it might come back to haunt you. If you spend the money on a few quality products for your kitchen/bath remodel, they will pay you back in functionality and durability in the long run. Here are the top four items we suggest spending a few extra dollars on.

Kitchen Faucet

Why it’s worth the extra money…
You spend a lot of time in your kitchen and you deserve a quality kitchen sink and faucet to make your hard work more enjoyable. You use your kitchen faucet dozens of times each day, sometimes cleaning large pans, scrubbing crusted-on foods, and washing hands. Don’t settle for that cheap faucet without a sprayer that’s too low to fit baking sheets under. You will spend your time washing dishes cursing, banging around the sink, and splattering the clean dishes on the other side with dirty water. Purchase a quality pull-down faucet that gives you at least another 6 inches of room for those large dishes, a spray function that helps you direct the flow of water, and a spot-resistant finish so you don’t constantly have water spots every time you wash your hands. 


Why it’s worth the extra money…
Like the kitchen faucet, you will use your toilet many times every day. It’s a hard-working machine. A cheap toilet you can buy for under $100 is only going to fail you sooner. The reason it is cheap is that it is made from low-quality materials. The flushing mechanisms inside will be flimsy, the glaze might be spotty, and it will cause you problems sooner. You’re probably buying a new toilet because your existing one has been failing you. The last thing you want is a leaky toilet, so look for quality brands and top-ranked toilets. A reliable, easy-to-clean, good-looking toilet with a slow-close seat is something everyone needs to consider. Even spending an extra $20-30 could save you years in the long run. 

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Why it’s worth the extra money…
Buying a quality vanity cabinet means it will have a much longer life. Bertch creates high-quality cabinets with features that you can’t find in cheaper models. Thick sides mean stronger construction and it will be less likely to warp with a heavy top. Bertch makes all their drawers fully extendable, so you have three more inches of usable space. Their drawers and doors are all slow-close so they don’t ‘bang’ when you shut the doors. The cabinets are also made with a special conversion varnish finish that resists moisture in damp bathrooms. Bertch cabinets are “built to last” so you know that if you stick with a classic style, you won’t need to replace it. With custom options available you will be able to create the perfect cabinet for your space.

Water Heater

Why it’s worth the extra money… 
Just as air conditioners go out on the hottest day of the year, water heaters are known to fail you on the day you need it most. Spending the extra money for a high-quality water heater can save you from an icy shower in the near future. We often take for granted the items that get used the most. When they fail us, it is always a panic to get them replaced. Although we might not want to have an expense like this sprung upon us, it is definitely worth the money to buy a quality product that will continue to work hard for a long time.