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Handy Man Bounces Back After Tornado Damage

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Join us for our Grand Re-Opening event this Saturday, January 18th!

Scratch & Dent Sale featuring some slightly damaged vanities, tops, and toilets • $300 Giveaway • Live radio broadcasts • Radio giveaways • Cookies, Cider, & Coffee • All Faucets & Vanities on Sale!

We are putting the finishing touches on our showroom and are ready to be back to normal again!

Showroom Vanities


We are back OPEN on 10th Street! After over 3 months of demolition, construction, and clean-up, we are back “home”! There is still a little work to do to finish our displays and add more products to the showroom floor, but everything is looking great and we can’t wait to see all of our customers in our beautiful new showroom!

Thank you all so much for your patience, understanding, and support as we operated out of our temporary location.

Handy Man Sioux Falls January 2020


Work has been coming along nicely at the 10th street store! The roof is completely fixed, which means we are moving forward at full speed on the interior. Ceiling, tiles, and lighting are all installed, floor tiles are being placed, and we will soon be working on putting together our displays and shelving!

We hope to see customers at this location early in January!


Our temporary location on Cliff Avenue has been busy helping customers with their remodels. We are very thankful for our loyal customers who have stopped by!

Back at the 10th street store, the roof is almost completely fixed! Despite a delay with the steel beams, we are making lots of great progress there. Lots of slat wall has been painted, display vignettes have been built, the damaged brick wall has been repaired, and electricians have prepared circuits to accommodate the new lighting system.  The drop ceiling is scheduled to be installed next week.  Many items have been ordered, including track lights, new service countertops, and flooring materials. We are hoping things will move quickly once the roof is permanently fixed. While the building has not been in use, it’s been a great time to make some updates to the back room, including new Onyx storage racks, reorganization of shelving, and new paint. We will have one more deep clean and then we will start putting it all together again!

We should be ready to see customers on 10th Street in January!


We are now back to regular hours at our location at 1101 S. Cliff Avenue and we are starting to get used to the new space! We have dozens of vanities and tops on display, as well as a room full of toilets and specialty sinks. Shower doors are functional and on display for you to test out! We also have a few aisles of repair parts to fix broken toilets and faucets. As always, our products are on display at floor level, allowing you to see how they will look and feel in your home!

Our showroom on 10th Street is almost completely cleared of rubble and merchandise and we will be preparing to drop the ceiling soon. Crews have been hard at work patching the roof, removing electrical components and repairing the damage to the outside.

Thanks again to our faithful customers who have been working patiently with us as we get back on our feet. We’re looking forward to rebuilding and hopefully, we will be back in our store in a few months!


Our temporary location is up and running! Visit our store at 1101 S. Cliff Avenue.

The temporary location is at 1101 S. Cliff Avenue, which is our old location that we operated in through 1994. The Handy Man corporate offices are still upstairs and our warehouse is across the street. Our last tenant was planning to move out by the end of September. Through a stroke of good luck, they had moved out just days before the storm hit and we had an empty space available for a showroom. As we were clearing out our 10th street store, we began moving products from our showroom into this building. After a lot of cleaning, technology setup, and organization, we are ready for business and are looking forward to helping people put their homes back together after this series of destructive storms and floods.

Many people have been asking about the damage that we had to our products. We are thankful to say that most of our products are stored in nearby warehouses and were unaffected. Some of the floor models on display were damaged, but we have plenty of vanities, mirrors, lights, toilets, faucets, shower doors, and more in stock and ready for our customers in need.

We are so proud of our hard-working crew that was able to put together a functional showroom in just a few days. We can credit the positive attitudes to all the goodies we have received from our friends and local businesses, First National Bank, Book Your Billboard, Eide Bailly, and others.

Great progress has been made at our 10th Street store as well. Thanks to Henry Carlson Construction, Guarantee Roofing & Sheet Metal, All States Concrete Cutting, and all of the other specialists that have helped us remove rubble and start to put the building back together again. The southeast corner of our roof is fixed and the southwest area is being cleared out. Due to possible structural damage in that area, it is being slowly (and safely) cleared out by a robot. We are hoping the rubble will be out soon so we can focus on rebuilding that area.


On the evening of September 10th, 2019, Handy Man’s Sioux Falls location experienced significant damage to the roof and showroom. Straight-line winds most likely caused the brunt of the damage. The “tower” on the southwest side of the building came crashing down and destroyed the shower section of the store. Additional winds tore up the southeast corner of the building. As the rain came through, it did heavy damage to all of our bathroom vanities, mirrors, and lights on display. Windows were also shattered, spreading shards of glass throughout the entire store.

We have a lot of work to do before our store is back in business again. Please bear with us as we work to put our showroom back together over the next few weeks and months.

If you have orders to pick up or need to place an order, please call (605) 336-0316. We will get your information and call you back to schedule a time to meet when we have your orders organized. Thank you in advance for your patience as we try to figure out how to continue operation during this time.

We are very grateful that this storm came through during the night and there were no injuries. Thank you to families, friends, employees, and strangers that have offered their assistance in cleaning up the mess. We love the community of Sioux Falls!

Additional updates will be posted on this page as we learn more about the damage to our building and figure out a timeline as to when we will be back in business.