The Better Alternative to Tile Shower Floors

Building a traditional tile shower base is a time-consuming and difficult process. From perfecting the slope, waiting days for everything to cure, and cleaning and sealing grout lines for life; installing a tile shower base is a major commitment! A one-piece Onyx shower base is a great alternative that eliminates those obstacles. Our custom shower bases are delivered in one piece. Installation is as simple as laying your base onto prepped and level ground and attaching it to the drain. 

Onyx Shower Base

Here are some of the biggest reasons why we recommend installing a one-piece shower base from The Onyx Collection.

Water Security:
Water can do incredible damage in an incorrectly installed shower. Even tiny leaks can turn into huge problems over time. Thankfully, with Onyx shower bases there aren’t any seams for water to leak through. The perfectly designed slope ensures that water goes straight down the drain every time.

Style Freedom:
Onyx shower walls and bases come in 60 different colors with options for different textures and finishes as well. For a tile-like look on the floor, they even created a tile-textured base! The Onyx Collection is also equipped with dozens of accessories for customization. Choose shower caddies, soap holders, shower seats, decorative trim, or even tile inlays that can be installed with Onyx shower walls. The options truly are limitless. If you prefer the look of a tile-walled shower, you can do that! Pair it with an Onyx base and you won’t have to worry about leaks. 

No grout-scrubbing or sealing required! The smooth base and wall panels can simply be wiped down with a soft cloth or sponge and a non-abrasive cleaner. Remove hard water stains with a vinegar and water solution or dish soap. A simple rinse with a hand shower after each use can do wonders!

Total Customization:
There are dozens of standard-sized bases to choose from, but if you have a unique angle or wall around your shower, our custom bases are the perfect solution! Simply make a template and they will build a base to perfectly fit your space. In only a few weeks, your shower base will be made and shipped to our store. 

“Forever” Guarantee:
All Onyx products are guaranteed forever! You can rest easy knowing your shower will be a great retreat for many years to come. 

To gather ideas of what you can do with an Onyx shower base, come to Handy Man! We have a variety of options on display and connected to water. Read more about custom showers and accessories, like shower doors and showerheads. We look forward to working with you!