Different Types of Sinks: Bar Sinks

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The wet bar wouldn’t be a wet bar without a place for all that wetness to go. The sink is an important feature in a bar. It needs to complement the style of the bar and it’s accessories. If you are looking for a traditional bar feel go with stainless steel.
The granite sinks come in many shapes and sizes. Get as wild and crazy with the sink as you will at the fabulous parties you’ll have at your bar!

Sioux Empire Home Show!

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Visit Handy Man’s booth at the Sioux Empire Home Show this weekend!!

Located at the Sioux Falls Convention Center
Friday & Saturday from 10am – 9pm
Sunday from 11am – 5pm

$7 at the Door or $6 at Lewis Drug (kids 12 & Under are Free)

Click HERE for a printable map.

Custom Sinks and Counter Tops

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What do you want your top to look like?

Choose one color for a granite top look-a-like as beautiful as the real thing without the price tag. Mix and match two or three colors to add interest. The color combinations are limitless.

The tops shown in Handy Man’s showroom try to give you some of the most common sizes and layout options, but our special order tops allow you to unleash your creative genius and design a lavatory as individual as you!  Come down to the store to start planning your custom space.

Bath & Shower Faucet Styles

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For your tub and shower faucet, you will have the option of choosing the spout style, finish style, panel style and handle style.  If you prefer a sleek and polished style, stainless steel can be a durable and practical solution.  Chrome and brushed nickel are very popular finishes and seem to be “trend free.”  You must also decide whether you prefer a traditional style or a more updated contemporary look.

Many of the new bathroom tub and shower faucets feature various safety measures.  You may wish to purchase a tub and shower faucet that utilizes a device to maintain an optimal setting.  One lever may adjust the water pressure while the other lever sets the temperature.  This type of faucet is more elaborate but can be a good investment and safety feature, especially if you have children.

At Handy Man, we carry many styles and finishes to choose from.  We often display our “families” together – where you can see the lavatory faucet right next to the design of the tub and shower faucet.  We pride ourselves in not only on their faucet selection, but also their various price ranges.  We have faucets for any budget and a knowledgeable staff that can “walk you through it”!


How to choose a bar faucet:


Refreshing your bar faucet can really liven up your entertaining space.  The bowl of a bar sink is much smaller than the standard kitchen sink, because of this the faucet needs to be higher to allow access to the bowl.  Typically, bar sink faucets have a spout height from 8-13 inches.  A faucet that is too high for the depth of the sink will result in splashing when the water is turned on.  Likewise, a faucet that extends too far over the drain, or behind the drain will result in splashing and possible interference when the sink is used.  Some bar sinks are drilled for faucets with a distance of either 4″ (centerset) or 8″ (widespread) between the hot and cold faucet handles.  Some are offered with centered single-hole drillings to accommodate single-hole faucets.  Others do not have faucet drillings and the faucet is mounted directly onto the countertop.  Before purchasing a faucet, make sure it is compatible with the bar sink you already have at home.

Handy Man has a wide assortment of bar and entertainment faucets.  We have faucets that can match your current kitchen faucet or show off your style with a new faucet is one of a kind. Come on in…”We’ll walk you through it!”


One-of-a-Kind Vessel Sinks

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The most elegant form of bathroom sink today is the vessel. Vessel sinks rise above the counter to create a focal point. Reminiscent of china washbasins with finished inside and outside walls; vessels are made from spun glass, lead crystal, glass, metal, rock, bronze, china, fireclay, earthenware, cast iron and stainless steel. They can be traditional or contemporary in design.

Vessels may be installed to rest above the counter top or with a wall-mount bracket. Some glass and cast iron vessels can be installed in a self-rimming application, or under-the-counter. If you want a vessel type lavatory, you must make this decision before construction begins, because the wall-mounted faucet pipes must be roughed in before the drywall is installed.

Some above counter vessel sinks come with holes for faucet mounting. Other vessels require tall counter installed faucets or wall mount faucets that will clear the vessel.

At Handy Man we carry a wide variety, one of a kind vessels to meet anybody’s needs.  If you cannot find one on our showroom floor to take home, browse through our various manufacturers and let us help you special order one for you. “We’ll walk you through it… we do it every day!” 


Close to Home

Close to Home

Cartoonist John McPherson nailed it with this one on June 3rd, 2012!

Close to Home

Whirlpools vs Air Tubs

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The Choice… Whirlpools vs Air Tubs

Over the past few years, the industry has witnessed an explosion in the number of air system baths, with nearly every manufacturer now offering them in addition to the more familiar jetted water system baths or whirlpools that most have offered for decades. Clearly, the air system bath is no longer the exclusive domain of a few manufacturers. That being said, it is still best to understand the differences between air baths and other jetted baths before helping clients make a decision.

The Basics

Air systems use outside air that is heated and blown into the bath water to create an active bath. Water systems, on the other hand, use bath water that is drawn out of the bath then heated and pumped back in to create an active bath. With each system, sanitation is an ever-present concern. Air systems do not use the bath water to operate and therefore do not pull bath waters into their delivery systems. This reduces the amount of soapy residue, hair, skin exfoliates and other biodegradable matter that can get into the delivery system. Water systems draw this matter into their delivery systems so there is potentially a greater risk of bacterial contamination. To reduce the risk of contamination, each system can be purged and kept sanitary, but water systems require a somewhat time-consuming, after-bath procedure to accomplish this. Air system technologies accomplish purge cycles on their own.

Both technologies are designed to provide a form of therapeutic massage for the bather and in this intent, they are similar. The type of massage delivered, however, varies considerably. Air systems rely on volume, velocity and vertical rise to create an active bath. The simple rule is that the higher the volume and velocity of the air being introduced, combined with the vertical distance the air travels through the bath water, dictates the amount of water that is displaced and pushed into motion within the bath. The greater the motion, the greater the massage pressure will be on the body.

Water systems create pressure by forcing the bath water out of various types of jet apertures to create pressure. To the extent that both technologies are designed to create pressure, the results are not equal. A water system is able to create substantial force pressure on localized parts of the body, while air systems create a significantly smaller degree of pressure but spread it out throughout the bath by moving all of the bath water into motion.

But pressure is not the sole massage criteria in either technology. Both use air to massage. Water systems introduce air into their delivery systems and mix it with the bath water at the jets. Air systems use only air. This is because air bubbles bursting all over the skin boosts heart rate and blood flow, as well as the respiratory system by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS). Air is essential to providing massage in both technologies, and many air systems are designed to achieve only this low-tactile form of massage without creating any form of pressure.

In addition to differing massage functions, air and water systems also retain heat differently. Jetted water systems with a heating element option actually reheat the bath water and will keep it hot longer. Air system baths heat the delivered air, but air moving through water will dissipate heat from the water, and the bath will cool down faster than a jetted water system that has a heating element.

The Choice… is Yours!

Original Post December 2011
Updated as of May 2017

Walk-In Tubs, Whirlpools

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5 Walk-In Tubs On Display In Our Showroom!

We now show 5 Walk-In tubs in our Showrooms! Come in and see and touch and feel how they could help you stay in your own home longer!

Medicine Cabinets

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Whether you have a small space, a tight corner, or the need for storage where there’s none to be found, our selection of specialty cabinets is a problem-solving showcase. If you’re remodeling or building your dream bathroom, coordinating fixtures, colors, fabrics, and accessories is both a fun and exciting process. The NuTone Collection of medicine cabinets expands these possibilities, allowing you to integrate your creative design ideas with a beautiful and functional storage solution. With our frame options, mirror choices and customization opportunities, you can truly express yourself !

NuTone Medicine Cabinets

NuTone Medicine Cabinets

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