6 Shower Heads For A More Relaxing Experience

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Here are a few shower heads that will make your time in the shower the most relaxing 8 minutes of your day! From calming rain heads, luxurious waterfalls, massaging body sprayers, removable hand-held shower heads, and more… Handy Man has got you covered!


Mountain Re-Vive Ultra Thin Rain Head #114131
Bring your shower into the future with this ultra-thin rain shower head. The clean lines can modernize any bathroom!

Aqua brass Aquasheet waterfall rain head #96082
This multi-function shower head includes a rain head and waterfall feature that transports you from your bathroom into the jungle.


Delta Surface Mount Body Sprayer #81885
After a tough workout, body sprayers are a must. They massage away tired and achy muscles to leave you feeling rejuvenated!


2-in-1 Moen Engage Hand Shower with MAGNETIX #108649
Cleaning the shower, washing the dog, and rinsing all those hard-to-reach places has never been easier! With Moen’s Engage hand show with MAGNETIX, your hand shower will always snap back into place after use!


Grohe Relexa Deluxe Champagne Shower Head #88791
This multi-function shower head featuring air-enriched water droplets offers users a spa-like experience every day. Choose from wide champagne, narrow champagne, needle jet spray, and wide rain sprays! Some users say it’s “the best shower head ever made.”


ThermaSol Chromotherapy head
Rejuvenate yourself in a shower enriched with chromotherapy! Each color has a different energetic property. Choose purple light to relax before bed or orange light to energize you before a big meeting.

Blanco Kitchen Package Giveaway

Congratulations to Sheila from Lincoln! She took home a new Blanco kitchen sink and matching faucet (valued at $900) for her home! Thank you for participating in our giveaway!

How To Make The Most Of Your Crowded Family Bathroom

toilet safety and kids

By choosing pieces that add extra storage and also using some mind tricks, you can transform a small family bathroom into a functional space for the whole family.

  • When you choose bathroom furniture with extra storage spaces, you can clear off the vanity top and make your bathroom less cluttered. Consider adding a large medicine cabinet instead of a mirror. Toothbrushes, medicines, and lotions can all be tucked inside and out of sight. Hanging an over-the-john cabinet is a great way to utilize a big empty space and get even more bathroom items out of the way.
  • Remove your large vanity cabinet and install a compact pedestal sink with storage. Pedestal sinks generally do not extend as far from the wall, leaving more room for people to pass through.
  • If you can’t bear to give up a larger vanity, consider installing a wall-mounted one instead. The extra floor space can be filled with baskets and makes cleaning the floor a breeze.
  • Replacing your dull light fixtures with brighter ones can make your space feel much larger. Bright lights can fill dark corners with light and make you realize how much space you have available. Mirrors reflect the light, so a large mirror will make your bathroom feel more spacious as well.
  • Shower curtains make bathrooms feel smaller and darker than they actually are. By adding a frameless shower door you can trick the eye into feeling like the space is more open. An added bonus of adding a shower door is the ability to mount towel bars directly on the door. This clears up the walls and instead allows towels to dry in a space that wasn’t utilized before.
  • Wall color can make or break a small bathroom. Choosing lighter paint colors opens up the space and makes it feel much larger.


As seen in The Hood Magazine September 2018.

Ugly Bathroom Contest – 2018

Congratulations to the winners of our 3rd Annual Ugly Bathroom Contest! These winners were able to beat out 130 other entries to take home their prize.

Grand Prize – $2,000
2nd Place – $500
3rd Place – $250
Creative Writing – $100

10 Beautiful Faucet Styles To Freshen Up Your Kitchen

A new kitchen faucet can totally transform your workspace. It not only brings a beautiful new style into your home but it can also reduce your water usage and increase your dish-washing functionality!

  1. Delta Leland – This gorgeous Venetian bronze finish will stand out in a light-colored kitchen.

2. Moen Notch – The soft edges of the high-arc stainless faucet makes any kitchen cozier.

3. Delta Lewiston – This low-arc pull-out faucet makes small kitchens more functional.

4. Moen Arbor – Sleek lines make the Arbor a perfect choice for any modern kitchen.

5. Delta Allentown – For a more professional style, choose the stainless Allentown faucet.

6. Moen Voss – This mid-height pull-out stainless faucet is a beautiful choice for a tight space.

7. Delta Essa – Matte black finish is becoming a popular choice in modern kitchens.

8. Moen Align – Turn your home into a professional kitchen with this tall spring-arc faucet. 

9. Delta Cassidy – A traditional faucet like the Cassidy is a great addition to a family home.

10. Delta Trask – Strong lines make the Trask a perfect choice for a dark kitchen.

Congratulations to our Onyx Vanity Top Winners!

Ryan and his family came by on Friday to claim their prize of a beautiful new Onyx Vanity Top! The whole family met with Handy Man President, Joe Swenson at our Sioux Falls location.  Congratulations and thank you for participating in our giveaway event – we’re excited to help you with your bathroom remodel!

How To Care For Your Stainless Steel Sink

IMG 8466

Although stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, it still needs regular cleaning to keep it in great condition! Here are a few tips on how to care for your stainless steel sink and keep it looking brand new.

First of all, do NOT use rubber coated mats to “protect” the bottom of the sink, as discoloration of the sink may occur after prolonged use. Similarly, any wet sponges or cleaning materials left on the sink for long periods of time could stain the sink surface. Instead, if you must have a protective barrier, purchase a metal grid that can be cleaned and removed from your sink regularly.

Always dry your sink after use. Dissolved minerals and salts in your water leave deposits on your sink when the water evaporates. You will have water-spots on your sink just like your car has after rain. If you have spots that have been on your sink for a long time, use a little vinegar to wipe them clean. Then try to get in the habit of wiping your sink down when you are done using it.

When using chemicals for cleaning, avoid bleach or products containing bleach. It can corrode stainless steel sinks. Also avoid Muriatic acid (used to clean grout) or plumbing PVC solvents. If any of these chemicals get on your stainless steel sink, rinse it thoroughly, then dry.

If there are any stains that you cannot remove with water and vinegar, Bar Keepers Friend is a great cleaner to have on hand. Be sure to clean in the same direction as the grain lines of the finish so the sink doesn’t appear to have scratches. Rinse well and dry for a happy sink!

If you are in need of an upgraded sink – whether it is stainless or another material – come to Handy Man and our helpful staff will point out things that make a sink great!

SanSpa Walk-In Tubs


Learn about our SanSpa OH 5129 no step, sit down, slide in, walk-in tub with loaded jetting package. This top-of-the-line walk-in tub makes bathing at home quick and easy!

Why You Should Install A Freestanding Bathtub

Bathtub Sax 115098

Is your bathroom ready for an upgrade? Homeowners are making master bathrooms a priority while building or remodeling. Especially for parents, a master bathroom can be a place to escape and find peace when the rest of the house is filled with noise, toys, and messes. In order to create a sanctuary in your own home, consider making room for a freestanding bathtub.

Freestanding tubs are most often installed in large bathrooms as statement pieces. Some have become more like sculptures with unique curves and lines. As our society’s preferences have moved to showering more often than bathing, freestanding tubs are rarely even used in homes, but the style alone brings a relaxing peace-of-mind. And when you set aside a little time to relax in your tub, it might inspire you to use it more often.

There are many tub styles to choose from, whether you are interested in a traditional clawfoot tub or a minimalist tub with sleek thin edges and long lines. They come in ovals, rectangles and some even have a wall-side so it can create a ledge for soaps or candles as it rests against the wall. Unlike built-in tubs, the options are endless when it comes to freestanding tubs. Traditional white, deep black, or stunning copper can all be found to create something truly unique.

While freestanding tubs are on-trend, drop-in tubs continue to lead the industry for their ability to provide jets, air, and other therapeutic options that can be difficult to find in freestanding tubs. Whatever is your style, don’t overlook the bathtub in your next remodel. We recommend having at least one bathtub in your home for children, dogs, and resale value. The helpful staff at Handy Man will walk you through your options and help you find the right tub for you!

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PS. Enhance any bath with Epsom salt and essential oils. The different scents and products have properties that can enhance your day in unique ways. Lavender oils are known to relax people, which means it would be a great addition to your bath right before bed. Epsom salts relieve tension and inflammation in the body when added to the bath water. There are many health benefits of bathing with added products, but most important is the time that is taken to focus on your well-being while relaxing in quiet solitude.

11 Features Of A Great Kitchen Sink

  1. Straight Sides
    Straight sides give you more room to place dishes.

  2. Flat Bottom
    Lets you arrange more glasses and dishes on the bottom of the sink without them falling over.

  3. Tight Corners
    Goes along with flat bottom, leaving more room in the sink for upright dishes.

  4. Rear Drains
    Gives extra flat space in the front of the sink and allows room for more storage under the sink.

  5. Deep Bowls
    Provides for deeper immersion of large pots and pans as well as less splash from powerful faucets.

  6. Offset Deck
    Allows for a larger bowl on one side because the faucet is on the opposite bowl.

  7. Ease of Cleaning
    Some materials hide water spots and food particles better. Others have antimicrobial finishes that help keep your kitchen clean.

  8. Durability
    Some materials will handle impacts and high temperatures better. BLANCO Silgranit® is scratch resistant and handles heat up to 536° F, making it a safe place to put hot pans.

  9. Sound Deadening
    Some sinks will resonate with loud sounds from dishes and disposers. Some materials absorb the sound better than others. If you are buying stainless steel make sure there are deadening pads on the underside.

  10. Aesthetics
    Kitchen sinks are often the focal point or “bow-tie” of our entire kitchen. They need to look good!

  11. Undermount
    Debris can be easily swept into the sink from the counter with this no-ridge approach.
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